Obama’s far-left policies live on under Trump

Even to the casual observer, Donald Trump’s young presidency has been less than stellar, a fact reflected by recent polls showing his record-breaking low approval and high disapproval by voters of his job performance.

Obviously, one of the reasons the New York liberal is doing so poorly is his failure to deliver on his major campaign promises. More troubling, however, is when Trump’s failure to deliver occurs because he has embraced policies promoted by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Some of Trump’s Obama-esque low lights include:

On their own, these examples prove Trump’s lack of personal conviction. However, as we learned recently, when his lack of conviction is mixed with his narcissism and Constitutional ignorance, our very liberty is at stake.

Near the end of his time in office, Obama made an unsuccessful effort to put national elections under federal control. Calling America’s voting system “critical infrastructure,” then Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson considered centralizing operations under the umbrella of so-called national security.

I wrote at the time that Obama’s successor, regardless of who it turned out to be, would do nothing to reverse government overreach, including with this issue. Unfortunately, I was right.

Though Trump’s decision to embrace Obama’s “critical infrastructure” designation of elections was officially announced in January, a recent decision by the Trump administration to create a US Cyber Command to police cyberspace has brought the Obama policy of centralized elections one step closer to reality.

While there are some in the administration that oppose the idea, let there be no doubt as to the seriousness of the situation. Obama’s policies on the issue enjoy the support of Trump’s new White House Chief of Staff, former DHS Secretary, John Kelly.

Recent personnel turnover in the White House likely means that the Trump Administration is about to move sharply in the direction of his liberal-left persona, which means that Obama’s policies will live on under President Trump.


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