Trump administration begins pushing Obama’s tax policies

After successfully turning the patriotic work of Andrew Breitbart into Trump Pravda, Steve Bannon—who once lumped Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, and Satan into one category, praising them because “darkness is good”—was given the job of Chief Advisor and Strategist for President Trump.

In the early days of his new gig, Bannon stepped in it a few times in a clear display of how unqualified he is to serve in such an important position. Beginning with his amateur performance in handling Trump’s travel ban, Bannon went on to experience failures involving national security, along with a near career-ending feud with Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner.

Choking in a cloud of rumors following these events, Bannon went into hiding in hopes that once the air cleared, he would be able to return. Now, following the Supreme Court ruling temporarily restoring Trump’s travel ban, along with a temporary peace between himself and Trump’s son-in-law, it is being reported that Bannon is officially back in command at the White House.

Unfortunately, this is bad news for America, that is, unless you were a fan of Obama’s redistribute-the-wealth tax policies. If that describes you, happy days will soon be here again.

Over the Independence Day weekend, it was reported that Bannon began a push to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy in order to pay for tax cuts for low-and middle-class taxpayers. If Bannon has his way, the top tax bracket will exceed 40%.

Given Trump’s populist/nationalist redefinition of conservatism, I would expect the Democrat wolf in Republican sheep’s clothing to push hard for Bannon’s idea using an Obama-esque promise of “fairness.”

And let’s not forget Trump and the GOP are looking hard at keeping Obamacare taxes in place, and they want a 20% Border Adjustment Tax on Imports.

Higher taxes! Aren’t you glad we didn’t elect Hillary?


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