LGBT reason #9,999,999 to take your kids out of public school

In some of my most recent updates on the culture war taking place between radical LGBT extremists and traditional morality, I’ve written about the goings on in Ontario, Canada and how the public schools there are being used to indoctrinate young children with pro-LGBT propaganda.

Even though I have also written in the past about how US public schools have engaged in the same type of pro-LGBT brainwashing, much of the feedback I’ve received has been somewhat indifferent on the issue. Many of my readers and listeners incorrectly feel, as you’ll read below, that what happens in Canada stays in Canada.

In Rocklin, California, a group of parents are considering legal action against Rocklin Academy (a charter school) after a kindergarten teacher staged what is being called a “transition ceremony” during class for a five-year-old boy who supposedly thinks he’s a girl. This was done without parental notification.

School officials defended the teacher and their decision not to inform parents because gender identity isn’t considered a part of sex education in California, and as such, is not subject to parental consent or opt-out laws.

If the fact that sex education is apparently being taught to five-year-old children in California isn’t bad enough, school officials claimed that they had no choice in the matter due to California’s pro-LGBT “discrimination” laws.

During the so-called lesson, the teacher read from two books that are not part of the school’s curriculum, and according to officials, are able to explain transgenderism to children as young as four-years-old.

After the reading, the teacher introduced the five-year-old boy, who then went to the bathroom to change, and returned to the class dressed as a girl. The teacher then reintroduced the abused child to the class, explaining that “he” was now a “she” and should be addressed accordingly from now on.

The LGBT agenda has never been about equal rights or fairness. It’s been about the systematic destruction of morality and family values in order to “normalize” their sexually deviant, mentally sick lifestyles.

And this story provides reason #9,999,999 for Christian parents to immediately remove their children from public schools.


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