LGBT culture war advances to the classroom

Over the past several months, the Province of Ontario, Canada, has fully allied itself with pro-LGBT forces in the culture war against the nuclear family. And as has become their standard modus operandi, this alliance is now targeting our children.

In December of 2016, the Ontario legislature passed a law (Bill 28) eliminating the words “mother” and “father” from the books, replacing them with the word “parent” to appease homosexuals and transgendered, along with facilitating polyamorous “families.”

Last month, legislators in Ontario passed the so-called “Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Act” (Bill 89), which gives the government authority to remove children from homes if parents refuse to facilitate a child’s chosen “gender identity” or “gender expression.”

Now we are learning of a new assault on the family by LGBT forces and their allies in government as they take their war into public school classrooms.

At least five Ontario public school boards, with many more on the way, have created policies that require teachers and administrators to facilitate gender confusion in their students. They are also required to do so without parental notification, unless the child grants permission for school authorities to tell their parents. Oh, and their age doesn’t matter.

“There is no age limit on making an accommodation request, and young students have the same rights to privacy and to have accommodations made on their behalf, with or without their guardians’ knowledge.”

Guardian. That’s LGBT-speak in Canada for “parent,” or as we used to say “Mom” and “Dad.”

The reason I share these updates on the culture war taking place in Canada is because it’s a snapshot of what’s coming to America.

In March 2016 when the Michigan State Board of Education drafted a guidance document that allowed students to choose their gender, name, pronouns, bathrooms, and locker rooms without parental or doctoral input. And just last week the oxymoronically named National Education Association—the largest union in America—issued a plethora of proclamations promoting all things pro-LGBT.

This situation proves one thing. Christian parents need to get their kids out of public schools, or they need to show the courage to fight this war before our culture is lost.


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