Democrats have a problem with Mitch McConnell, as a conservative so do I

Game two of the Democrats’ debate double-header was played last night, and just as it was in game one, socialism came out as the clear winner and early favorite to win it all in 2020.

Last night’s game had the same Trump slams we witnessed in game one in addition to an intramural contest between Democrat players to see who could out-socialism the rest of the team.

One topic of discussion in both debates was the failed leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — a point I completely agree with but for different reasons than those given by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the Democratic Socialists on last night’s stage.

Democrats are frustrated because they believe Mickey is obstructing their socialist agenda, while I’m frustrated because it’s a fact that he’s not only NOT obstructing their agenda; he’s helping it along.

Over the past few weeks, McConnell has been making his appeals for re-election cash based on a promise to make the GOP a “firewall against socialism” and to make himself the “Grim Reaper” to stop the advance of the socialist agenda of the Far Left.

It would be great if McConnell’s promises were true, but just as Donald Trump loves socialism, Mickey loves it equally as much.

I’ve documented in the past how Trump and McConnell have worked hand-in-hand with Democrats on socialist issues like paid family leave, a Green New Deal alternative, expanding government-run healthcare, and Second Amendment-killing gun control.

Democrats also have a problem with the way McConnell has handled judicial appointments — specifically the Supreme Court — because they want liberal justices on the bench. I have a problem with the way McConnell has handled judicial appointments as well because liberal justices are what he and Trump have given us.

In addition to his claim that he’ll stop socialism, Mickey believes he deserves re-election because he and Trump have appointed “pro-Constitution judges to serve our country” such as “Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch.”

I’ve documented how Kavanaugh has proven to be a solid ally of the leftist wing of the Court, and Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review has exposed Gorsuch as very left-leaning when it comes to criminal justice issues.

Democrats have a problem with Mitch McConnell … and as a conservative so do I.



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