After last night’s Democrat debate, the 2020 winner is clear

Last night the Democrat Party held its first set of debates for the 2020 election season. There’s another round tonight featuring the “no chance in hell” crowd if you need some help falling asleep.

As expected, the event was a mixture of Trump slams — some of which were not only true but downright funny — and a contest to see who could out-socialize the other. From healthcare and student loans to gun control and the Green New Deal, the Democratic Socialist agenda was on full display.

While it’s easy and entertaining to ridicule Democrats for their far-left agenda, conservatives should look at last night’s performance as a preview of coming attractions, regardless of whether a Democrat or Donald Trump — but I repeat myself — is in the White House after 2020. Why? Because many of the socialist issues supported by Democrats are supported by Trump as well.

Government-run healthcare and/or Medicare for all? Trump supports it.

Gun control? President “take the guns first, go through due process second” loves anti-gun laws.

New entitlements? Trump and daughter, Ivanka, support Hillary-style programs like paid family leave and government-financed childcare.

Last night’s brief mention of far-left environmental policies came as no surprise. Nancy Pelosi made global warming a top priority following the Democrats’ victory in the 2018 mid-term, and radical ideas like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal have become the measuring stick for the global warming legislation.

Democrats are getting a little more creative with how they advance the global warming agenda. For instance, Oregon just rebranded their cap-and-trade program as “cap and invest.”

Have you heard about the Carbon Dividend Plan? It’s a proposal mixing wealth redistribution and global warming into one big socialist payday. The CDP charges fossil fuel companies for carbon emissions and gives “all” the money collected directly to the American people via a quarterly check.

Members of the cult believe Trump and the swamp will keep extreme global warming programs from becoming a reality even though the former party of Reagan has already joined Democrats to find a “solution” to so-called global warming. Trump and the GOP have been working on a Republican version of the Green New Deal, and they have held talks with Chuck and Nancy to find ways to include elements of the Green New Deal in upcoming infrastructure spending legislation.

Here’s a bit of bad news for small-government, liberty-loving conservatives. A recent poll about the CDP shows an overwhelming bi-partisan majority want Washington to do something “new” to address so-called climate change. The poll also shows they love the carbon dividend plan, including 80% overall, 67% of GOP voters, and 75% of GOP voters under 40.

Last night’s debate was a display of the socialist heart of the Democrat Party, but Trump is equally socialist in nature along with his Republican swamp buddies.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if Trump or one of last night’s debaters is the victor in 2020 because socialism wins either way.



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