Anti-gun legislation loved by Democrats and GOP is on the way

Citizens! Hand over your weapons! – Russia, 1920

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives plans to introduce new gun control legislation tomorrow. The bill, dubbed H.R. 8 in recognition of the eighth anniversary of the shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords on Jan. 8, 2011, will require federal background checks on all gun sales, including private transactions.

Now, before everyone starts playing the GOP establishment game of pointing fingers at Democrats to stir up the base, this bill will be co-sponsored by Rep. Peter King (R-NY). King is notorious for his attacks on our Constitutional rights in the name of “safety.”

Pelosi made no secret about her intention to advance the anti-gun agenda near and dear to her progressive heart, but as I wrote shortly after the 2018 midterms, Trump and the GOP support her agenda. From background checks to seizing guns without due process in violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, Republicans love gun control as much as the Democrats.

Denying Americans their Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights in order to deny them their Second Amendment rights has become standard operating procedure under a Constitution-shredding law growing in popularity across the nation, the Extreme Risk Protection Order. ERPOs, also referred to as “Red Flag” laws, have grown so popular that Sen. Lindsey Graham co-sponsored a federal version last year that would give federal courts jurisdiction over the states.

Failed GOP presidential candidate in 2016, Sen. Marco Rubio (FL), wants to use federal tax dollars as bribe money to force states to enact ERPO laws. Using the ERPO laws passed following the Parkland, Florida high school shooting — thanks to the efforts of freshman Sen. Rick Scott when he was still governor — as exhibit A, Rubio justified his progressive payola proposal:

“This idea has already proven successful in states like Florida, and it is my hope that this bill will get all the other states in the country to do the same.”

For the record, this is the second attempt by Rubio — who enjoyed an A+ NRA rating in 2016 — to pass this bribery scheme since the Florida shooting.

Even under GOP control of Washington over the past two years, our constitutionally protected God-given rights have been under assault. And despite claims to the contrary by the Trump cult and the NRA, our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms are no exception to this reality.

Do you remember the Fix NICS Act? This little reported rider to the March, 2018 omnibus gives the government authority to deny gun rights for something as minor as a traffic ticket, and it laid the foundation for building an FBI data base of the names of every gun owner in the country.

Do you remember banning bump stocks? Last year — also in March 2018 — Trump held a bipartisan meeting at the White House where he promised to ban bump stocks by executive order, an order he signed last month.

In that same meeting, Trump gave his endorsement of expanded background checks for gun purchases. Additionally, he told the gathering of party leaders that government should “take the guns first, go through due process second” as a way to end gun violence.

Expanded background checks and seizing guns without due process? Sounds like Nancy and Marco should have little trouble getting their anti-Second Amendment bills made into law.



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