The Republican Party is not our friend

In his speech to the nation last night, Donald Trump did what I expected him to do — blame Democrats for his and the GOP’s failure over the past two years to do their jobs.

Of course, to anyone paying attention, blaming Democrats for their ineptitude has been the political “sweet spot” of the Republican Party for some time now. Incapable of actually leading, the GOP has made its living playing the role of the helpless victim with Trump turning it into an art form.

If you think I’m exaggerating about the state of the Republican Party, some signs of someone playing the victim role are:

  1. You complain a lot
  2. You think everything is happening to you
  3. You feel like you don’t have any control
  4. You’re passive aggressive
  5. You use obligation words a lot, such as: fair, should, right, and wrong
  6. You are constantly holding a “Poor Me” sign, figuratively speaking


After witnessing many years of their complete lack of leadership, I determined some time ago that conservatives no longer have a home within the Republican Party — a reality that only intensified with the rise of Trumplicans and Trumpservatives. To put it bluntly, the Republican Party is not a friend or ally to the conservative.

Sadly, there are still far too many who haven’t realized this yet.

For example, following my Monday article about how Republicans are joining Democrats to pass new anti-gun legislation to expand “Red Flag” laws, I received the following response from one of my social media connections:

“Gun control won’t succeed. The NRA will be all over it. They’ll never get passed [sic] the Senate. And Trump would really lose his base if he messes with the 2nd Amendment.”

Besides the fact that the NRA supports Red Flag laws, I’m guessing this person probably didn’t read the article. If he had, he would have read that these proposals originated within the GOP-controlled Senate, were proposed by Marco Rubio, and that Trump is already on board. And let’s not forget that Trump already messed with the Second Amendment when he banned bump stocks.

What this person was really doing was parroting GOP talking points, the same kind of talking points we’ve been fed for many years now. Don’t worry, Conservatives. Republicans will protect your values. Now how about a donation?

From the abortion issue to the illegal immigration problem, Republicans and Democrats are of one mind; there’s simply no difference between the two. And the sooner we realize that neither party can be counted on to protect and defend the Constitution, the sooner we can begin rebuilding a conservative movement.



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