Mexican cartel violence in our communities

If the public truly understood the extent of the problem we have with the cartels at our border and now even in our communities, it would completely change the politics of the border issue.

Today, we are joined by a very special guest who is one of the leading experts on all things drug trafficking, cartels, transnational gangs, and border migration. Jaeson Jones spent 24 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the Intelligence and Counterterrorism division. He shares with us exclusive information in a full briefing on the danger of the cartels and gangs both at our border and in our communities. This problem of drugs and human trafficking is all external, yet the feds and the media have failed to focus on it.

Jaeson explains why both the data and tactics of federal law enforcement, particularly at the FBI, have failed to quantify and address this issue. He shares with us the successes he’s had at Texas DPS and what the feds can learn from Lone Star law enforcement. There is so much dangerous crime at our border and in our communities, all related to the cartels that the government is not telling us about.



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