Time for Conservatives to leave the Trumplican party

Last week, I warned my readers and listeners about Mitch McConnell’s fake attempt at the fake-repeal of Obamacare—a warning that proved to be true following numerous failed repeal votes in the Senate this week. After all was said and done, the Obamacare repeal that the GOP has been promising for nearly 8 years is gone forever as Mitch McConnell masqueraded as the helpless victim who did all he could to keep the GOP’s promise but was unsuccessful do to his uncooperative followers.

The charade put on by Micky and Co. was so pathetically obvious that it proved one incontrovertible fact known to conservatives for many years . . . there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat parties.

This behavior has been standard operating procedure under McConnell’s “leadership” following the 2014 election giving the GOP the majority. Despite becoming the Senate Majority Leader, McConnell allowed Harry Reid to control the agenda before he retired, and since Reid’s retirement, Micky has been working with Chuck Schumer to save Obamacare.

Donald Trump, who is just as culpable as his GOP brethren when it comes to the fake-repeal of Obamacare has been working overtime to prove the worthlessness of the Republican party, and it’s becoming obvious. According to a recent analysis by FiveThirtyEight.com, Trump is more unpopular than nearly every president in the history of the modern polling era, beginning in 1945. Surprisingly, despite this unpopularity, a recent Rasmussen poll shows Republicans still support Trump over Congress 33% to 12%.

Based on these polls and the events in Congress over the past week, we can draw two clear conclusions:

  1. The ideals of the Republican party have been destroyed and have been replaced by the ideals of the Trumplican party—a Progressive Party committed to expanding liberty-killing centralized big government.
  2. We need to make a serious attempt to create a new party designed to take down the binary two-party monopoly. Personally, I have been touting the potential of the Federalist Party, a new movement committed to advancing life, freedom, and smaller government.

I am also a supporter of the Article V Convention of States project in order to rein in Washington’s abusive and unconstitutional use of its federal power.

Conservatives no longer have a home within the GOP, and I believe the only hope we have is to change the game.


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