Could Jared and Ivanka be behind attacks on Jeff Sessions?

When he wasn’t tweeting, his questionably timed announcement that he was banning transgender individuals from serving in the military—and announcement I fully support—Trump was once again railing about his disappointment with Attorney General Jeff Sessions as he continued his effort to creatively get rid of the former Alabama Senator.

As I stated in my article yesterday, Trump would be wrong to fire Sessions or force his resignation for several reasons. The most important of these is the support Sessions provides to help Trump keep his campaign promise to fix the illegal immigration problem, a promise Trump has already broken his decision to keep Obama’s DACA executive order in effect.

Despite Trump’s vacillation concerning immigration, Sessions has been aggressive in addressing the problem, as we witnessed with his recent announcement to shut down funding for sanctuary cities.

Trump’s Twitter rant yesterday raises a few glaring questions about the situation involving Jeff Sessions.

Why did Trump make his transgender policy announcement when he did, and why did he do so without first notifying Congress?

Personally, I think this was nothing more than an effort to get the Sessions fiasco off the front page. It also helped to redirect the focus away from other chaotic situations, such as Russia and the fake repeal of Obamacare.

Considering the rising opposition he is receiving from both sides of the aisle over his treatment of Sessions, why did Trump launch yet another attack on the Attorney General?

I think this one points in the direction of Ivanka and Jared. Trump’s liberal Daughter and her husband have opposed Daddy Trump’s tough talk concerning illegal immigration from the early days of his campaign and in the days since the election. In fact, Jared and Ivanka’s personal lawyer, former Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton, Jamie Gorelick, has been fighting Trump’s immigration policies in court.

Jared and Ivanka have been the force behind many of Trump’s decisions and flip-flops, including: keeping Obama’s executive order requiring federal contractors to embrace the LGBT agenda, bombing Syria, and the recent announcement promoting Hillary Clinton’s women’s health and family leave policies. They have also had a hand in the terminations of members of the White House staff.

Could it be that Jared and Ivanka are now driving Trump’s immigration agenda? If so, wouldn’t it make sense that they would want Sessions gone due to his tough approach to illegal immigration? And if that is true, wouldn’t it explain Trump’s aggressive attacks against his Attorney General?

If events are heading in the direction I think they are, Trump will get rid of Jeff Sessions, leading us to Trump’s new illegal immigration policy . . . amnesty for all!

Oh. Let’s not forget the benefits Trump and his son-in-law would also realize by getting rid of that pesky Russia investigation.


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