The big health care myth: The true cost of health care and who distorted it


In today’s special episode of “The Conservative Conscience,” we discuss the one element missing from this endless health care debate: health care.

Special guest Dr. Kevin Wacasey is a successful health care provider who has written two books on the economics of health care. He joins us to cut through the clutter of the Obamacare debate and identify the root cause of health care inflation on the supply side. He demonstrates how it’s not the cost of health care that is outrageous, but the charges for health care. The source of that problem? The government and the insurance cartel, which is propped up by government.

Were we to get third-party payer out of our system, prices would come down dramatically. The root of the government/cartel success in distorting our market and conflating health care with medical insurance is their publicly funded myth that health care is inherently expensive without their product. In fact, it is expensive only because of their product, which is sponsored by government regulations, subsidies, and mandates.

Dr. Wacasey believes that Americans are being hurt by the role that the health insurance industry plays in maintaining our restrictive, reactive, and overpriced health care system. He wants to change health care by changing the way you think about health care, because you – as patients – have the greatest impact on what needs to be done. He offers our listeners advice on how to shop around for health care, even in this very limited market system.

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