Rejoice! Our tyrannical government has decided to reopen America

The long abuse of power by our tyrannical government in response to coronavirus hysteria appears to be coming to an end, at least that’s what’s being reported by FOX News — minus the reference to tyrannical government, of course.

In what is now considered the new normal in our once-great Republic, we are expected to be grateful that the State has benevolently decided to give us back the rights they were never empowered to take in the first place. Since permission was granted by the masses for government to take them, the masses are now expected to sing the praises of tyrants who have assumed the role of God — the true source of liberty according to the Declaration of Independence.

Even in light of this so-called good news about how America is about to begin down the road to the way things used to be only a few short months ago, the reality is liberty has been changed forever.

From the very beginning of this coronavirus mess, I’ve been warning my readers and listeners about the need for an appropriate response to COVID-19 after Trump failed to address it before it turned into a crisis, and I’ve also warned about how government might use the so-called crisis as an opportunity, to paraphrase Rahm Emanuel, to do things they couldn’t constitutionally do otherwise.

Unfortunately, Trump has continued to refuse taking responsibility for his failures, and government at the federal, state, and local levels have gone Carpe Tyranny, destroying liberty along the way.

Socialism, a push for a New World Order, and a proposal by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to create a Patriot Act for healthcare giving government the power to spy on Americans are just a few of the outcomes we’ve witnessed in the aftermath of coronavirus hysteria.

For those still unconvinced about government’s tyrannical ambitions and the lengths those in power are willing to go to seize full control of our lives, did you know that local governments and Big Tech have partnered with companies in China — YES, CHINA! — to develop new technologies to track Americans via their cell phones and drones?

In a story by, we learn how this drone technology first used in China — a communist country, don’t forget — indicates  how Orwellian our society is about to become.

New surveillance measures that mimic the heavy-handed efforts China used to track and police citizens are being adopted by elected officials and big tech companies in the name of slowing down the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. Google and Apple are already working on Kushner’s Patriot Act for healthcare to track Americans infected with the virus, a technique Chinese officials perfected during the early stages of the virus. Though these companies insist users will be anonymous, data can be “reidentified simply by cross-referencing it with another data set.” Pairing GPS data with that from the project Google and Apple are embarking on can reveal identities without the knowledge or permission of the user.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth, NJ, Mayor J. Christian Bollwage is deploying drones provided by Chinese-based company DJI to warn citizens who are walking outdoors not to get too close in physical proximity to other people. The drones blare sirens and issue this warning: “Stop gathering, disperse and go home.” DJI has reportedly donated these drones to 43 agencies in 22 states to help enforce social distancing. The donations are part of DJI’s “COVID-19 US Disaster Relief Program.”

The cameras on the drones give authorities the ability “to track who specifically has gone to which precise location,” Sophie Richardson, the China director at Human Rights Watch, told The Wall Street Journal in March. “It’s another way for the government to gather large amounts of information about people, really, without their consent, and in some cases, without their knowledge.” (emphasis mine)

Meanwhile, in China…

As bad as this is, there’s one more thing you should know about how dedicated government is to destroy liberty.

In the same article, we learn that a 2017 memo from officials in the Los Angeles office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau indicated that they had “moderate confidence” that DJI’s commercial drones were giving critical U.S. “infrastructure and law enforcement data to the Chinese government.” This threat was considered so serious that the U.S. Army banned their usage, citing cyber concerns.

In other words, we have governments in America willing to risk giving critical information to China in exchange for the ability to spy on Americans.

While the wisdom of shutting down the country due to coronavirus hysteria and the subsequent reopening is debatable, the resultant loss of liberty is beyond dispute.


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