Despite protestations, Trump wants more coronavirus stimulus spending

If there were ever any doubts that Trump’s rebranded Republican party has completely abandoned even the pretense that it held conservative values, they have been completely eliminated by the coronavirus hysteria sweeping the nation.

Once considered the party of smaller, fiscally responsible government, Trump and his nationalist brethren have adopted Democratic Socialism as the new conservatism where no price is too high to pay so long as big government gets bigger and liberty contracts.

Though the self-declared “King of Debt” has never met a spending bill he didn’t like, Trump’s spending addiction has been on steroids over the past few months in an attempt to avoid creating an economy approaching Great Depression performance levels and saving his fledgling re-election.

Over the past sixty days or so, Trump and the GOP have teamed up with Democrats to bring us:

In addition, immediately after he signed the CARES Act into law, Trump began pushing for a “VERY BIG & BOLD” $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Nearly two weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi introduced the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act, a $3 trillion 1800+ page piece of legislation loaded for carve-outs for special interest groups. While its passage last week has been met with protests by Donald Trump and his mouthpiece in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, the inevitability of them caving to Pelosi’s demands is as certain as the sun rising in the east.

We know this will be the outcome because Trump and the GOP already helped Democrats pass the CARES Act after pretending to object to it — in other words, they lied. But we also have heard from Trump’s key negotiator on stimulus spending, Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

Already comfortable with record-breaking deficit spending due to “very low” interest rates, Mnuchin essentially admitted yesterday that the HEROES Act or some version of it will be needed now that our tyrannical government is allowing us to re-open America.

“I think there is a strong likelihood we will need another bill,” Mnuchin said in an interview with The Hill’s Bob Cusack. “We’re going to step back for a few weeks and think very clearly how we need to spend more money and if we need to do that.”

“How we need to” and “if we need to”? When Washington resorts to the use of Orwellian double-speak, especially when they do so in the same sentence, you know they’re trying to hide their true intentions.

In this case, those intentions are more coronavirus stimulus spending.


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