McConnell’s 2020 strategy: Pretend GOP is a “firewall” against socialism

I received an email over the weekend from Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign asking for a donation. Included in the solicitation was an extensive list of conservative accomplishments he felt had earned him the right to another six years as Kentucky’s senior senator and leader of the Republican Party.

Actually, that’s only half-true. I did receive an email asking me for money, but it didn’t include a list of conservative accomplishments because “Team Mitch” doesn’t have any. Still, Mickey presented his case for re-election as follows:

“Republicans agree, the Democrats’ full embrace of socialism is alarming. As liberals in the House and those running for President scramble to enact the policies of the far-left, your Republican Senate Majority stands as the firewall that will save our country from socialism.

“Our firewall could crack though, if Senate Republicans in key battleground states don’t get the support they need. Every conservative must stand united to keep socialism at bay, and that includes you too.”

Stop laughing!

Sure, the GOP has broken every campaign promise of 2016 — the same broken promises they’re making for 2020, by the way — but we can rest easier knowing that Obi-Wan McConnell and the rest of the Republican Jedi Knights will protect the Republic from the dark side of the political force. Right?

Star Wars imagery aside, in computer parlance a “firewall” is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. But firewalls can be turned off and/or hacked, and when that happens the system can be damaged or destroyed by malware.

This would appear to be what happened to the Republican firewall because the malware of socialism has infected Trump and the GOP.

For example, in the weeks since Trump declared in his State of the Union address that “America will never be a socialist country,” Republicans have aggressively advanced key agenda items of the far-left, such as: paid family leave, the Green New Deal, government-run healthcare, and gun control.

Amazingly, McConnell claims he’ll prevent these policies from becoming a reality:

“If you oppose dangerous policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare for none, the best way to avoid that is to support your Republican Senate Majority. Help me stand strong against creeping socialist policies and far-left radicals.

“Stand united with Republicans and President Trump as a firewall against socialism.”

So-called conservatives have adopted a socialism-lite approach to counter the advance of socialism – see Sen. Mike Lee’s political infatuation with Ivanka’s socialist agenda — and Trump’s policies in 2016 were so similar to Bernie Sanders’ the two could have run on the same ticket.

McConnell’s plan to use fearmongering over socialism is merely an election season strategy designed to distract voters and hide Republican failures. However, even if their scheme succeeds, it won’t matter.

Because in the end, despite claims by Trump, the GOP, and the so-called conservative media, socialism wins in 2020 regardless of who’s in the White House or who controls Congress.



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