Trump adopts Jared Kushner’s Democrat-friendly immigration plan

Ahead of a planned meeting with Republican legislators to discuss his Jared Kushner’s immigration reform plan, Trump issued a 2020 election-inspired threat yesterday to the party Jared and Trump’s daughter Ivanka call home.

In a tweet — how else, right — Trump warned Democrats that he’s prepared to take “harsh measures” if they fail to take action to close so-called “loopholes” in the immigration system.

Besides the fact that we are on pace to see 1.2 million illegal immigrants enter America this year under Trump’s immigration policies, his threat to do something “harsh” is nothing but rhetorical nonsense, especially when we take a closer look at Kushner’s plan — a plan Trump adopted as official White House policy yesterday.

In typical Trump fashion, the details of the plan now being referred to as “the President Trump plan” are lacking. But we know enough about it to know it will change little to nothing when it comes to getting a handle on the so-called crisis at the border. In fact, the plan is more of what we already have, only worse.

Kushner’s plan contains a package of proposals designed to create a “merit-based” system that gives preference to immigrants with job skills rather than to relatives of immigrants already in the country.

I guess it’s a good thing for Melania’s parents Trump waited until now to make that proposal; otherwise, they might not have become citizens last year.

Under Kushner’s merit-based plan, the number of immigrants permitted to enter the country remains unchanged, but the composition will change to people deemed more palatable. For example, folks like the Chinese immigrants Kushner provided visas for in exchange for $150 million in investments for his real estate company.

Wait a minute! That can’t be right. The cult assures us that the Trump family is losing money by serving America.

Under the plan, Trump is also working with Gang of Eight leader Lindsey Graham to address the asylum system in order to stem the flow of migrants. However, Graham’s involvement most likely means that Kushner’s plan will include amnesty and eventual citizenship for millions of so-called DREAMers currently covered by DACA — the Obama executive order Trump claims he rescinded.

In an interview with FOX News Trump Pravda, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway essentially confirmed that a deal on DACA and the DREAMers will be included in the plan. “We’ll see,” Conway said. “The president made very clear in January 2018 in the Cabinet Room that he was willing to do a deal on DACA and the DREAMers.”

I guess in Trump’s world that’s what passes as “harsh measures.”

One last thought for those who believe Mitch McConnell when he says a Republican Senate will be a firewall against socialism and the agenda of the Far-Left. Many of those in attendance at the meeting praised Kushner’s yet-to-be-released plan, including Sen. Martha McSally (AZ), Sen. Tom Cotton (AR), Sen Kevin Cramer (ND), and Sen. Mike Braun (IN).

McSally and Cotton are up for re-election in 2020. Just sayin’.



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