Conservative Socialists talking about government-run healthcare … again

Part of the Republican Party’s plan for the 2020 election is to label Democrats as far-left extremists and socialists who are so radical and out-of-touch, Trump, McConnell and Co. must stop them before they destroy what’s left of America. However, as I shared in an article last week, Republicans want many of the same things as their Democrat buddies and are, in fact, just as far-left and just as socialist.

Paid Family Leave. Green New Deal. Government-run healthcare. Gun control. These are but a few of the big issues where Trump and the GOP have adopted far-left positions over the past few years.

Conservatism hasn’t been spared, either. With the rise of Trumpservatism, conservative values have been so badly compromised we are now witnessing the rise of what I’ve come to call Conservative Socialism, where socialism is promoted as a conservative value.

One area where Conservative Socialism continues to pick up steam is government-run healthcare.

Perhaps the granddaddy of all GOP promises in 2016 was the one where they would repeal Obamacare if we gave them full control of Washington. As we now know all too well, they lied. And while the Trump cult likes to blame John McCain for this failure, it’s simply a fact Republicans were never serious about getting it done.

Perhaps the real reason repeal failed is because Ryancare/Trumpcare was really Obamacare 2.0. Maybe it failed because the GOP never planned to literally repeal Obamacare. Or maybe it failed because Trump loves socialized medicine and always intended to impose universal healthcare on America.

Based on several recent events, I’m going with all of the above. Here’s why…

About six weeks ago, Trump declared that his Republican party “will soon be known as the party of healthcare” while providing no details — as usual — as to what that looks like.

Maybe it will look like a new plan being offered by the Republican godfather of socialized medicine and Obamacare, Sen. Mitt Romney. In an announcement yesterday, Romney touted a new “replacement for Obamacare” and assured America “we’re ready for that but will see what kind of support we’ll get.”

Another Conservative Socialist approach to healthcare reared its head in April when freshman Republican Sens. Rick Scott and Josh Hawley abandoned free market principles and introduced a bill to impose price controls on prescription drugs. Their bill is so socialist in application it has been described as legislation that “could have been written by Bernie Sanders.”

Big, centralized government has always been the goal of socialist far-left Democrats, and it’s the goal of socialist far-left Republicans as well.



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