Missouri GOP governor willing to deny gun rights to save his election

As 2019 was winding down to a close, Big Brother’s anti-Second Amendment agenda began picking up steam even as the citizenry that BOTH PARTIES are trying to disarm began flexing their constitutional muscles.

After building a year’s worth of anti-gun momentum that will make it easier for the Unibrow Party to dump the Second Amendment after the 2020 election, Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr closed out the year by launching “Project Guardian,” a new federal gun control program designed to “disrupt” potential threats using “court-ordered” mental health treatment on those the feds deem “mentally ill.”

In response to the growing anti-gun momentum, defenders of liberty took a defiant stand against tyranny and a government that’s quickly becoming a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

Using the power given them under the Tenth Amendment, sheriffs in Colorado fulfilled their constitutional duty by refusing to enforce red flag laws and creating Second Amendment sanctuaries in counties across the state. And in Virginia, Second Amendment sanctuaries were also being formed with some county legislatures forming an armed militia to defend the constitutional rights of their citizens.

Unfortunately, this commitment to protecting our constitutional rights isn’t as contagious as it needs to be to grow, especially with 2020 being an election year and with the Republican Party desperate to avoid becoming a footnote in the annals of political history.

Republican Governor Mike Parson of Missouri is running for election in 2020. Though he’s running as an incumbent, Parson isn’t running for re-election; he was Missouri’s Lt. Governor and became governor when former Governor Eric Greitens was forced to resign after being accused of sexual misconduct and misusing a charity he founded.

Hey, just like Donald Trump. I guess he really is remaking the GOP in his own image. 😉

Back to Parson, facing a tougher election than he should in “red state” Missouri, he recently held a meeting with the Democrat mayors of St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia to discuss gun control, red flag laws, and other pre-crime legislation in order to “prevent domestic violence.”

Missouri is allegedly a “conservative” state, and in 2017 the state legislature enacted Constitutional Carry. With such a law on the books, you’d think the passage of red flag and other anti-gun laws would be highly unlikely, but never underestimate the creativity of a desperate Republican in 2020.

Parson and his Democrat buddies have come up with a plan to get around Constitutional Carry by doing away with Missouri’s “Preemption Clause.” This clause states that cities can’t make a law that violates state law. If the Preemption Clause were voided, cities would be free to pass anti-gun legislation despite the Constitutional Carry.

In a press release issued by his office, Parson claimed to be a protector of the Second Amendment and defended the plan he and his Democrat buddies created as a necessary step to finding “short-term solutions to combat violent crime.”

Parson is a political opportunist and a coward; it’s an election year, and he’s afraid of losing. And just like the rest of the GOP at nearly every level of government, protecting himself and the party is paramount to protecting and defending the Constitution.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative.

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