VA county forming militia to protect Second Amendment against tyranny

Second Amendment sanctuary

Recently, I wrote an article about how sheriffs have the constitutional power and duty not to enforce red flag laws. Using the words of President James Madison — Father of the Constitution and co-author of the Federalist Papers — I documented how the right to bear arms and powerful local governments were established by the Founders as the ultimate protection against a tyrannical federal and/or state government (Federalist 46).

Some of my well-meaning readers and listeners expressed shock and dismay when I concluded that the local sheriff possessed more legal authority than the governor and the President of the United States, and how he was legally empowered to form a militia or posse, if necessary, to protect the rights of those he represents.

I heard from others who defended red flag laws and accused any local sheriff of treason for not enforcing this unconstitutional attempt to disarm the citizenry in the name of safety, a position now being adopted by a growing number of pro-gun control tyrants across America.

For example, representatives in the Virginia legislature — where a long list of anti-Second Amendment legislation is being pushed — recently suggested in a Washington Examiner interview that any local law enforcement refusing to enforce gun confiscation laws should face prosecution, and that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam should call the National Guard, if necessary, to enforce compliance.

“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath. The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.” ~ Rep. Gerry Connolly

“I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law. That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”
~ Rep. Donald McEachin

These threats are in response to the Second Amendment Sanctuaries movement spreading across Virginia, and they’re being taken very seriously in Tazewell County, where the Board of Supervisors took protecting the gun rights of their constituents up a notch.

In addition to making Tazewell County a Second Amendment Sanctuary, the Board also passed a resolution to create and maintain an armed militia to protect the county against the tyrannical actions of the government. Councilman Thomas Lester explains:

“We understand the implications of this new resolution are potentially enormous, but we also understand the political importance of making the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

“Declaring our county a Second Amendment Sanctuary is a great first step, however, Virginia is unique because of its constitution. Under Article 1 section 13 of the VA Constitution, VA must maintain a well-regulated militia composed of its people to validate its authority. This is the political subdivision of legislature from which VA politicians derive authority — an authority expressly stated in the VA Constitution.

“This subsection makes it the responsibility of counties to maintain a militia, not a National Guard or other standing army. This is because the purpose of the militia is not just to protect the county from domestic danger, but also protect the county from any sort of tyrannical actions from the Federal government. Our constitution is designed to allow them to use an armed militia as needed. If the (Federal) government takes those arms away, it prevents the county from fulfilling their constitutional duties. This is not limited to just our county, but also as part of a network of sister counties showing solidarity for both Virginia’s and the American Constitution.

“As for the people, our Militia Resolution will be funding firearms safety and training for our county’s citizens, the ROTC and the public school systems – as well as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. These preparations are done to prepare our citizens to be able to become de facto militiamen if need be.

As I read the words of Mr. Lester, I was reminded of the commemorative message given by President John F. Kennedy on Roosevelt Day on January 29, 1961 where he said in part (emphasis mine):

“In my own native state of Massachusetts, the battle for American freedom was begun by the thousands of farmers and tradesmen who made up the Minute Men — citizens who were ready to defend their liberty at a moment’s notice. Today we need a nation of minute men; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. The cause of liberty, the cause of America, cannot succeed with any lesser effort.”

Sounds like JFK would have something in common with the folks in Tazewell County, doesn’t it?

Red flag laws are just one of the many ways Washington and the states are working to destroy our God-given rights. We need to be aware of their tyrannical plans and be prepared to defend the Constitution.

We also need to give 100% support to our local sheriffs and county governments when they take a stand against these tyrants on our behalf because … “The cause of liberty, the cause of America, cannot succeed with any lesser effort.”


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