Liberty vs. Communism vs. the global vision of Conservative Nationalism

One of the last of our uncompromising defenders of liberty, Shannon Joy, recently posted a couple of articles regarding the extent to which the war between the communist-left and nationalist-right has come to dominate the left wing/right wing narrative of mainstream American politics. And in the process, we have all but abandoned the cause of liberty for the highly volatile, liberty-killing, “ends justify the means,” communist-left vs. fascist-right paradigm of Europe.

This creates a fundamental problem because collectivism is unable to cure the tyranny of collectivism. Only liberty can do that! Unfortunately, with the doubling-down on collectivism we are witnessing in Washington along with the advance of an increasingly progressive agenda — on both the left and the right — the stability of our society can only spiral downward from here.

It should be considered that both the communist-left and nationalist-right are postmodern in that each necessitates the revolutionary end of our constitutional Republic and the free enterprise upon which it and the pursuit of happiness are even possible. But it doesn’t end there, as the whole of modernity, including reason itself, is allegedly derived from Eurocentric and/or liberal philosophies dating back to Plato. They must all be expunged so the whole world can start anew under the philosophies of Dugin, Heidegger, Yockey, and the like.

Where communism is postmodern, the nationalism of National Conservatism is post-postmodern, requiring the elimination of not only “liberal” capitalist individualism, but of the universalism, multiculturalism, and human rights of Marxism as well. And where the left despises our society due to its “whiteness,” the nationalist-right does so due to the “Jewry” of it.

One note of interest, Alexander Dugin, like Lenin, also calls for a two part revolution recognizing what he says is “the need to unite all the forces that are opposed to Western norms.” So for now, communists and nationalists alike should work together to bring our society down. Upon liberty’s defeat, however, in the aftermath of the first phase of the revolution, these two great collectivist wolves will be fighting to the death over the carcass in the second.

Few may realize that contemporary nationalism is no less global than communism. It has a universalism and geo-political aspiration of its own, from which much of the rise in both white and black nationalism, the alt-right groyper army, reform conservatism, traditionalism, paleo-conservatism, identitarianism, and the multitude of their accompanying conspiracy theories are all derived. But as the Trumpists are now starting to find out via groyper army harassment, once you drink so much as a sip from these progressive waters, you either bide by them or be drowned by them.

Also, note that the identity politics of the left has morphed into the “identitarian politics” of the right. And why not, as they too, according to their doctrine, are among those being “oppressed” by the structural racism of their liberal “oppressors.” The pluralism (verses multiculturalism) of nationalism comes into play with the “separate but equal” aspects of its global vision — a tenet shared, by the way, with the black nationalism of Garvyism.

Where the end of the communist-left is the whole of humanity existing as a single centrally planned organism, like some giant ant colony, the end of the nationalist-right is a world where all races and ethnicities have each been segregated to their own natural corners of the world. From there, they’ll be free to do whatever they need to preserve their race and cultural heritage in what Dugin describes as the multipolarity of a “global vision based on the dialectic of civilization.” In other words, they’ll all have to fight to determine which one is dominate, and therefore the “synthesis” of the so-called “dialectic of civilization.” Where’s the world peace in that?

The only way out is liberty. But fewer and fewer remain who can or even care to decipher between the collectivism of “liberty, equality and fraternity” or the collectivism of “life, liberty and security of person,” and the freedom in the “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” of our founding.

If liberty is to survive at all, that’s going to have to change.


Joe Marshall was born and raised in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. He is a married father of two grown sons, an outdoorsman, a landscape contractor, a former stock car owner and driver, a certified 4H firearms instructor, and a retired New York State corrections officer.

Joe is the author of the book, Last Call for Liberty




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