Confidence in cowards: Why the GOP still exists

“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” ~ Thomas Paine

Modern politics amounts to a projection of strength. It is taken as a matter of course that the loudest and most vocal represent the majority view. This has been to the benefit of the Democrat Party. Activism and protest have become a staple of Leftist culture. From virtue signaling to the offense industry; from climate change to the Occupy Movement: from the demand for increased regulation to a relentless pursuit of free everything (except people), they have entrenched themselves in the Freedom of Assembly clause of the First Amendment to launch their assaults on the rest.

Crowds gathered in anger are to politicians what Kryptonite is to Superman, sunlight is to a vampire, or snakes are to Indiana Jones. It is this abject, paralyzing fear that has motivated the Republican Party for decades.

They fear the labels hurled at them by an emotionally driven mob. They fear how they may be perceived in the media — overtly propagandist with its biased messaging. They fear losing their seat in the halls of power. Never mind that they see little need to exercise the authority their membership invests in them. They fear their Democrat rivals. They fear their own party’s leadership.

The only thing they have not demonstrated fear of is their own party’s constituents. You know, conservatives.

Why is that? Why are the lions and tigers and bears of Washington, DC so much more frightening than the ones who will pull the lever (or won’t) in their favor every few years? The answer may infuriate those who stand accused almost as much as those of us leveling the accusation. Fear is just as much a motivator for the membership of the GOP as it is for those who operate in their official elected capacity. Fear retains membership which, in turn, ensures that cowards retain office so they can continue to hide among the body politic. It is safer there.

Couple the multitude of fears driving Republican inaction with a progressive education system that has informed their world-view and what emerges is the moderate Republican. We should never forget that today’s Republican lawmakers were taught in public schools, the curriculum of which was designed by progressives. The susceptibility of those who have been publicly educated over the past few decades to adopt (or at least warm to) said progressive views should be obvious.

I, myself, was swayed by them until well after I had left school and began to learn on my own. Over time, the dam has collapsed between the parties. The line of demarcation no longer stands on the Constitution but rather on the moderates in both parties quick to strike bipartisan deals. They are not defending the foundations of our American Republic. They are defending their revenue stream. They are in it for the money … our money.

When the current crop of Republicans, groomed by a humanist agenda, partially (or in full) agree that it is indeed, government’s responsibility to “make things better,” improve society or “purify” humanity, the differences between parties are reduced to nuance and approach.

Both want to mold the people, shift public sentiment and coerce compliance. Regulation of conduct through burdensome laws, bureaucracy and unfathomable minutia are the most effective tools at their disposal. Even then, they are afraid to admit it. So, stepping aside, they allow the Democrats to author the legislation and offer only a cursory protest before they begin negotiation.

Public outcry, again demonstrated by loud and vocal demonstrations, brings some to the table. The people want solutions to the problems that, oddly enough, only government officials define. So, negotiations commence to establish “comprehensive bipartisan” reforms: gun control measures, spending bills, immigration reform, campaign finance reform, and even a cooperative extension of the A.C.A. (Obamacare) are born of this union.

These reforms only go one way though. They always move the agenda to the left.

Why does it have to be that way? Why do Republicans always concede to Democrat demands? Are they incapable of proposing legislation that accomplishes their own “stated” agenda and platform? Do they even have an agenda or platform anymore? I have made the case in several articles that they lack any consistent position, any resolve to see it through, or even a policy they are unwilling to surrender.

When confronted with this reality, they inevitably refer back to that worn out line, “We need a supermajority.” But do they?

If that were necessary, why are the Democrats capable of accomplishing so much without a two-thirds voting block in the House or Senate? Maybe it’s because they can count on Republican lawmakers to cross the aisle as much as the Republican lawmakers can count on their membership to understand that they had to do so.

Now, the entire Republican Party in all of its impotent masochism has found someone new to fear. Someone who is not burdened with steadfast ideals. Someone who gives them permission to do nothing. All he demands is a pledge of loyalty to him in exchange for their oaths of office. For this, he will absolve them of all responsibility. He will run the show from the Oval Office. He will spout off random policy shifts from the podium at rallies. He will debase anyone who speaks an unkind word in reference to him. He marks targets for his social media loyalists to assail. He mocks the media in the same way it once mocked the GOP base.

When an entire political party, so allergic to courage that even if a spine were donated to them their bodies would reject the transplant, finds a self-proclaimed political messiah, a Chosen One, they will cast their foil crowns at his feet.

However, history is replete with anecdotal evidence that anytime a leader takes control of cowards, there is very little he cannot get away with, namely, because there are none among the cowards willing to speak out against him. Atrocities have been committed in such circumstances. A fearful multitude in the service a man overwrought with a false sense of self-confidence, bordering on pathological, has always been a recipe for disaster.

The Republican Party has abandoned reason, platform, consistency, policy and position. The rule of law, the Constitution, the individual, the party membership and the Republic have all been surrendered by fearful inaction. Fear of Democrats has been replaced by fear of Donald Trump. It seems fear is the only condition Republican representatives can operate in with any confidence. Yet, their voters will inevitably pull the lever for them because they fear Democrats almost as much as the officeholders do. Fear begets fear and elections continue to be held under duress.

For years I have heard, ‘a new party can’t win.’ So, here is my challenge to those afraid of losing an election to a Democrat.

Change the party from within. Find a member of the Republican Party who is currently in office and willing to stand up to Donald Trump on conservative grounds. There are plenty to choose from. Throw all of your support behind that individual for displaying courage and boldness. If there are any one like that in the GOP caucus, I promise you they won’t remain long.

I’m afraid misplaced confidence in the Republican Party is the very reason America has succumbed to the Leftist agenda.


Eric Buss is an avid reader and studies history, military, philosophy and politics.

Eric considers himself a Christian Conservatarian.