So-called conservatives aren’t even trying to hide their betrayal of our values

With the midterm election only a month away, Trump and the GOP have been pulling out all the stops in their effort to save the party from being inundated by the floodwaters of the approaching blue tsunami. Their favorite tool? Distraction.

  • They’ve used the Kavanaugh circus as a distraction to draw voter attention away from two years of GOP-controlled Washington’s ineptitude.
  • They’ve worked, metaphorically speaking, on a meaningless resolution “condemning” voting by illegals to distract from their failure to eliminate DACA and fix the border.
  • They’ve eliminated a meaningless $16,000 from the over $100 million the government spends to buy aborted baby body parts for research purposes to distract from the recent #MiniBusBetrayal spending bill that funds nearly all of Obama’s priorities, including Planned Parenthood an Obamacare.

Unfortunately for Republicans, these distractions aren’t working as well as they had hoped. For example, by funding Obamacare, Republicans gave government-run healthcare a big boost and effectively removed it as a campaign issue. This has motivated Democrats to add the expansion Medicaid and the creation of a single-payer, government-run health care system to their campaigns for November.

Another reason the Obamacare distraction isn’t working is because Republicans support government-run healthcare. Trump has a long history of support for single-payer healthcare, and he promised during his campaign to create a universal healthcare system that will cover everyone at government expense.

Yesterday, I wrote about how Trumpservatives in the House Freedom Caucus are facing trouble in their re-election bid as they try to convince their constituents that they still hold conservative values, despite selling out to the progressive agenda of Trump, McConnell, and Co.

There are other so-called conservatives trying to have it both ways when it comes to Trump’s agenda and conservative values, although, they are caring less about hiding it.

In another situation that, coincidentally, involves Obamacare, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher just released an ad where the thirty-year congressman — term limits, anyone? — used his daughter as a stage prop for a pro-Obamacare one-act play supporting guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Dana Rohrabacher: “Politicians argue a lot about healthcare, but for me it’s personal. When my daughter Annika was 8 years old she was afflicted with leukemia. It was devastating to my family, but we got through it – and today she’s doing great. So for her and all our families, we must protect America’s healthcare system. That’s why I’m taking on both parties, and fighting for those with pre-existing conditions. I’m Dana Rohrabacher and I approved this message.”

Annika Rohrabacher: “And so do I.”

I thought children were off-limits in the political arena. Oh well, anything for the progressive cause. Right?

Amazingly, Rohrabacher carries an 80% (B) Liberty Score® at Conservative Review, but upon closer examination, we see that he only garners a 67% on gun rights, 71% on education, and 73% on moral issues. Passing grades, but marginally conservative.

Unfortunately, marginally conservative is what passes for true conservatism in the age of Trump. That’s why I call them Trumpservatives, and it’s why the GOP could lose BIGLY in November.



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