Government-run healthcare got a big boost from Republicans last week

Last week, I wrote about how Trump and the GOP Clown Show were loving the Kavanaugh circus because it provided them with the perfect distraction to shift voter attention away from their record of lies and broken promises.

So, it should come as no surprise that Republicans and fake conservatives used the distraction to join forces with Democrats to pass an $854 billion boondoggle that not only broke their campaign promises to shrink the size of government and reduce the budget deficit, but it fully funded most of Barack Obama’s agenda.

Trump signed the disaster into law on Friday.

By the way, when Trump signed a similar spending disaster earlier this year, he promised never to do it again.

Clearly, the #MiniBusBetrayal was just an attempt to buy a few votes in November. Believe it or not, it looks like it will accomplish that goal . . . for Democrats. And for good measure, it will also bring America one step closer to a government-run, single-payer healthcare system.

Obamacare was intended to be the catalyst for creating a government-run health care system by expanding Medicaid and Medicare until it grew into a single-payer system. With the GOP not only failing to repeal Obamacare but financing it as well, they essentially gave the free-market-killing health care plan their blessing.

With Republican opposition to Obamacare gone — as if it ever existed — Democrat candidates for governor in red and purple states are making Medicaid expansion a central part of their campaigns. This strategy appears to be working as Republican gubernatorial candidates in states where Medicaid expansion has already begun or is on the November ballot have become big fans of the idea in an effort to win in November.

According to Brad Woodhouse, a longtime Democrat party operative and executive director of the advocacy group Protect Our Care, “Medicaid is now almost as popular as Medicare,” so he sees this as a winning issue.

Unfortunately, the GOP’s broken promise to repeal Obamacare and their willingness to do anything to save the party has put the momentum clearly in the Democrats’ favor.

By the way, Trump has a long history of support for single-payer healthcare and he promised during his 2016 campaign to create a healthcare system that will cover everybody regardless of their ability to pay.

When you take Trump’s position on universal healthcare and add the likelihood that Democrats will retake the House in November and that Republicans are legislating like Democrats, Obamacare’s goal of single-payer is all but guaranteed.

Tell me again why I’m supposed to support Trump and the GOP?



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