Trump’s two-state sellout a body blow to Israel’s hope for peace

While the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings dominated the headlines this week, Donald Trump was busy being Donald Trump.

Following his appearance at the United Nations, Trump gave one of the most chaotic press conferences of his presidency. From Kavanaugh to collusion, he bounced from topic-to-topic like a ball in a pinball machine while bragging about his big brain and how his election single-handedly prevented America from going to war with Korea along with an assortment of other crazy topics.

As bad as Trump’s impromptu presser was, it had nothing on the news conference he held with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following their private meeting that same day.

As part of his Jared and Ivanka’s peace plan for Israel, Trump announced that he will endorse the oft-failed two-state solution as the best way to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

“I like (a) two-state solution. That’s what I think works best. That’s my feeling. Now, you may have a different feeling. I don’t think so. But I think two-state solution works best.”

Comparing the conflict in the Middle East to a real estate deal, Trump also stated that he would support a one-state solution as well.

“If the Israelis and the Palestinians want one-state, that’s okay with me. If they want two states, that’s okay with me. I’m happy if they’re happy.”

Translation? I have no firm convictions. I’ll do whatever Jared and Ivanka tell me to do. I’m just here for the TV face time.

Amazingly, the media Trump likes to refer to as “Fake News” is reporting that his two-state announcement is being made for the first time since he took office. Now, that’s REAL fake news.

Just weeks after taking office, Trump adopted Obama’s policies concerning Israel, including the two-state solution which launched a six-month period of anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian policies.

At a campaign rally in West Virginia just last month, Trump essentially threatened Israel with extortion, telling the audience that “Israel will have to pay a higher price” for a peace deal, and he promised “something very good” for the Palestinians “because it’s their turn.”

In March last year, Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz identified Trump’s troubling policies toward Israel and why they would most likely lead to disaster. Calling the two-state solution the “Obamacare of foreign policy,” Horowitz concluded that it needed to be repealed to prevent it from being as devastating to Israel as Obamacare has been for America.

With Trump’s lack of any core convictions concerning Israel, and with Jared and Ivanka promoting their pro-Palestinian agenda, the two-state solution, like Obamacare, is here to stay. And that’s bad news for Israel.



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