GOP offers solutions to immigration and abortion … or something

How do you know Trump and the GOP are worried about the upcoming election after two years of broken promises and few, if any, policy achievements? When they spend every waking moment touting imaginary tales of triumph and talent over the issues of the day to distract voters away from the GOP’s track record of failure.

Two of the areas where Trump and the GOP have failed BIGLY are illegal immigration and abortion.

After promising to eliminate DACA, they fought to keep it.

After promising to fix the border, they enacted policies that created a record-breaking surge in illegal border crossings.

After promising to bring an end to tax-payer funded abortions provided by the leading murderer of the unborn, Planned Parenthood, they provided funding to pay for over 600,000 abortions over the next two years.

After promising to bring an end to the harvesting to aborted baby body parts — sometimes from babies born alive to insure freshness — they increased funding for agencies purchasing fetal tissue for research purposes.

But again, it’s election season, and Republicans are working to distract you from these unfortunate facts. Don’t worry, the trail of broken promises will continue; they’ll only make it look like they’re doing their job.

One of the classic tools of distraction used in Washington is the resolution “condemning” something or another, a kind of foot-stomping, whiney protest. This is how House Speaker hopeful Kevin McCarthy has elected to address immigration. The House is expected to vote this week on a resolution (H.Res.1071) condemning voting by illegals as “devaluing” the ballots cast by US citizens.

Absolutely worthless! Nothing more than a non-binding, make-believe solution that does nothing but give the GOP face time on FOX News.

On the abortion/baby parts front, Trump and the GOP teamed up to bring us a classic sleight-of-hand. After 85 House members wrote a letter to the FDA condemning a new contract to buy “fetal tissue” to implant in mice for research purposes, Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS oversees the FDA) announced it would end the contract.

While this appears to be good news. It’s meaningless. The contract was a meager $16,000, a very small percentage of the $100 million the government spends annually on human fetal tissue research. But you can take heart pro-life Trumpservatives and evangelicals. The man you claim is protecting the unborn will be conducting a “comprehensive review” of fetal tissue research. He’s not ending the practice . . . just reviewing it.

While Trump and the GOP are looking to November, they’re hoping you’ll be looking at these distractions. Don’t fall for it!



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