QAnon spent Memorial Day weekend at rally praising Trump

QAnon rally Trump

While most of America spent this past Memorial Day weekend remembering the ultimate price paid over the years by members of the military to protect liberty, the QAnon crowd and other members of the Trump cult held a rally where they spent the weekend praising Trump and spreading conspiracy theories.

Hosted by the Omni Dallas Hotel, a four-day QAnon conference rally ironically called the “For God & Country Patriot Roundup” featured several prominent members of the QAnon crowd, including former national security advisor Michael Flynn, Sidney “Release the Kraken” Powell, and Lin Wood.

Some of the cult members in attendance included George “I got a pardon from Trump” Papadopoulos, Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX), and Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West, the man who once called for a new Civil War and secession from the Union after a Supreme Court ruling against Trump’s attempt to steal the election via a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the outcome in four battleground states.

Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell have been on the forefront of QAnon conspiracy theories as they worked to help Trump steal the election after his humiliating, but expected, loss to Joe Biden.

Powell is the one Trump paid to spread the conspiracy theory about how Democrats used an elaborate computer system financed by communist countries to hide the fact that Trump beat Biden “by a landslide.” And Flynn — after receiving a full pardon for lying to the FBI to cover for Trump — is the one who called for the implementation of martial law in order to conduct a new election; an action he justified by drawing a parallel to the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

At the QAnon rally this past weekend, Michael Flynn made headlines after he renewed his call for military action, telling those in attendance that a Myanmar-styled coup “should happen” in the United States if that’s what it takes to put Trump back in the White House.

Flynn now denies ever saying what you just heard him say.

For the uninitiated, Myanmar’s military seized power and overtook the country’s democratically-elected government back in February. Since the coup, hundreds have been killed by Myanmar security forces and thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have been detained. Still, the idea is becoming quite popular with the cult.

During her time in the QAnon spotlight, Sidney Powell made the claim that Trump could simply be “reinstated” as president. The crowd cheered.

“He can simply be reinstated. A new inauguration date is set, and Biden is told to move out of the White House, and President Trump should be moved back in.

“I’m sure there’s not going to be credit for time lost, unfortunately, because the Constitution itself sets the date for inauguration, but he should definitely get the remainder of his term and make the best of it.”

Separate from the QAnon rally, the Trump cult in Florida celebrated Memorial Day by holding a boat parade where they declared that Trump won in 2020.

None of this is happening in a vacuum. Trump has been spreading the QAnon conspiracy theory about reinstatement himself (via

Former President Donald Trump has been telling people he thinks he’ll return to the White House as the sitting president by August, the New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted on Tuesday.

Haberman, who broke some of the biggest stories of the Trump administration and has been covering him for decades, added that Trump had been “laser focused” on election audits in states whose results he is still trying to overturn.

The anti-democratic conspiracy theory has been bubbling up in fringe conservative media for several months. It has no basis under the Constitution or any legitimate legal framework.

The anticipation of a Trump reinstatement on a certain date could spread further among the most dedicated Trump supporters. The calls to help overturn the 2020 election on January 6, for example, gained steam through a pro-Trump bus tour by a fringe group and led to the insurrection at the Capitol.

[MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell] has said August is when he would go to the Supreme Court to present evidence he’s acquired that would be so convincing that the justices would be forced to reject the 2020 election result.

Lindell has been a longtime proponent of the August reinstatement theory.

How committed are these QAnon nut jobs?

When defending her QAnon conspiracy theory last November, she said, “We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it, and we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”

These events come as no surprise. Trump openly entertained the idea of remaining in office by suspending the Constitution and cancelling the 2020 election in the weeks leading up to the election; an idea that enjoyed the support of a majority of Republicans in the summer of 2017.

The Trumpist Republican Party also played a part. On January 6th, in what should have been a routine event to ensure the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the other, more than 140 Republicans hatched a plan to try and overturn the election while Trump rallied QAnon and his the cult and incited them to storm the Capitol in an attempted coup.

These activities by QAnon and others are the actions of people seeking to create an autocracy or in this case, a Trump dictatorship.

They are the face of Trumpism. They are the consequence of Trump’s lies and conspiracies. They are the reflection of the post-constitutional Republican Party, rebranded in the image of a Trump dictatorship.

And we would do well not to ignore them.


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