Mother faces lawsuit for questioning critical race theory curriculum

critical race theory curriculum

Just weeks after Joe Biden announced his plan to begin indoctrinating children into anti-white racism via the public schools, a Rhode Island mother is facing a possible lawsuit for questioning the critical race theory (CRT) curriculum being taught at her daughter’s school.

Back in April, Biden’s Department of Education began making preparations to cram the most radical forms of critical race theory on America’s schools, including the 1619 Project and the so-called anti-racism teachings of critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi — a man who believes that the only remedy for the racism of the past is to create a new anti-white racism of the present — and if you don’t agree with that, you’re a racist.

“The defining question is whether the discrimination is creating equity or inequity. If discrimination is creating equity, then it is antiracist. If discrimination is creating inequity, then it is racist. . . . The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

The text of Biden’s new rule establishes priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs, specifically “projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives.” The rule cites the New York Times’ “landmark” 1619 Project and the work of Kendi as shining examples of the ideas Biden wants to use to indoctrinate children into anti-white racism.(emphasis mine)

Knowing that this is something being taught at her daughter’s school, Nicole Solas began making inquiries about the details of the critical race theory materials, along with information about the schools “gender theory” curriculum. That’s when the school began making plans to file legal action to keep her from obtaining the information she was seeking (via Washington Examiner):

Solas said she initially sought information about the school’s gender theory and anti-racism curriculum when she enrolled her daughter in the school and was told by the principal that the school doesn’t refer to “kids as boys and girls.”

“I was also told that they refrain from using gender terminology in general. In terms of anti-racism, I was told that kids in kindergarten are asked what could have been done differently at Thanksgiving, and this struck me as a way to shame children for their American heritage,” Solas said.

Solas has faced roadblocks in her quest to see the curriculum for herself, being told by the school to submit a public records request.

But the information she received via the request did not include “any evidence of gender theory or anti-racism,” something she said she knew was being taught to students.

“I have a lot of questions I’m asking them. I wish that my questions would have been answered without having to do it this way. But they told me to do it with their own questions. They’re teaching something that they’re trying to hide from you. … They’re being opaque about it,” Solas said.

Solas said she now faces the prospect of legal action, with the school board meeting to consider whether to file a lawsuit in an effort to challenge her public records request.

Stanley Kurtz at describes the end game when it comes to teaching the critical race theory curriculum in the public schools: the full-blown indoctrination of children into anti-white racism.

The programs immediately targeted by Biden’s new priority criteria for American history and civics grants are small. Once in place, however, those criteria will undoubtedly influence the much larger and vastly more dangerous “Civics Secures Democracy Act.” That bill would appropriate $1 billion a year, for six years, for history and civic education. Support for leftist “action civics” is already written into the priority criteria of the bill itself. I have argued that additional anodyne-sounding priority criteria in the Civics Secures Democracy Act — criteria favoring grants targeted to “underserved” populations and the mitigation of various racial, ethnic, and linguistic achievement gaps — would be interpreted by the Biden administration as a green light to fund critical race theory in the schools. The new draft federal rule for grant priority in American history and civics education makes it clear that this is indeed the Biden administration’s intent. (emphasis mine)

Kurtz’s conclusions are supported when you look at how critical race theory and anti-white racism have been embraced by groups like Black Lives Matter, and how it’s become foundational to the Far-Left’s demands for reparations.

CRT has its roots in Marxism, which explains why BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullers admits that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists.” It’s being used to justify the government-sanctioned, taxpayer-financed, anti-white racism reparations movement picking up steam at the hands of anti-white racists like Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, Black Lives Matter, and Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Critical race theory was also the match that lit the flames of death and destruction we witnessed during last summer’s riots.

And let’s not forget coronavirus connection being used to fight the so-called systemic racism. According to a recent Harvard study supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci, institutional racism has contributed to the virus’ disproportionate impact among Black Americans. The report also concluded that reparations giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to every black American would be necessary to mitigate the impact of the so-called pandemic on communities of color.

In this day and age of ignorance and/or indifference about American history and the Constitution, most people simply line up behind the party or personality they agree with — truth and facts be damned.

The critical race theory curriculum being introduced in K-12 schools and colleges rewrites American history in the image of Marxism in order to paint a picture of a land rooted in race-based slavery and oppression; where capitalism and the rejection of socialism and big government are evidence of white supremacy.

That makes CRT a perfect fit for Joe Biden’s plan to indoctrinate children into anti-white racism, but a bad fit for concerned parents who want to know why, if it’s such a good thing, public schools are willing to file a lawsuit against them to keep Biden’s plan a secret.


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