A Trump dictatorship moved a step closer toward reality yesterday

Trump Dictatorship

Following last month’s U.S. Supreme Court 7-2 decision against an attempt by Donald Trump to steal the election via a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the outcome in four battleground states, his cult called for the creation of a defacto Trump dictatorship to be birthed by a military coup and/or secession from the Union.


Allen West: Failed TEA Party congressman and current state chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

Following the SCOTUS ruling, a small number of cult members held a rally in support of a Trump dictatorship where notable disciples like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn — two recent recipients of presidential pardons for crimes they committed on Trump’s behalf — led the congregation in praise and worship.

Prior to the rally, Flynn openly called on Trump to declare martial law and hold a new election in order to avoid a Civil War:

“When the legislators, courts and/or Congress fail to do their duty under the 12th Amendment, you must be ready Mr. President to immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law, and temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections, for the sole purpose of having the military oversee a national re-vote.

“Failure to do so could result in massive violence and destruction on a level not seen since the Civil War. Limited Martial Law is clearly a better option than Civil War!”

Serving as master of ceremonies at the rally (known as the Jericho March) was Eric Metaxas — a prominent member of the Fellowship of the Pharisees — who told Trump in a radio interview: “I’d be happy to die in this fight. This is a fight for everything.”

In an interview with Trump sycophant and Salem Radio Network talk show host Charlie Kirk a few days before this interview, Metaxas made a series of stunning statements about the election that gave every indication that he would be on board with a Trump dictatorship:

“It’s like stealing the heart and soul of America. It’s like holding a rusty knife to the throat of Lady Liberty.”

“You might as well spit on the grave of George Washington.”

“This is evil. It’s like somebody has been raped or murdered. … This is like that times a thousand.”

“Everybody who is not hopped up about this … you are the Germans that looked the other way when Hitler was preparing to do what he was preparing to do. Unfortunately, I don’t see how you can see it any other way.”

“Who cares what I can prove in the courts? This is right. This happened, and I am going to do anything I can to uncover this horror, this evil.

“We need to fight to the death, to the last drop of blood, because it’s worth it.”

Flynn’s suggestion in support of a Trump dictatorship could have come from fellow QAnon nut-job Sidney “Release the Kraken” Powell, who, along with a call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act (a law that gives the president authority to deploy active duty military to maintain or restore peace in times of crisis), suggested suspending the Electoral College vote, and setting up military tribunals to launch an investigation into the election.


In an Epoch Times editorial a few weeks ago, the use of the Insurrection Act to create a Trump dictatorship was considered a necessary step in exposing voter fraud and saving our republic, even if that meant launching a military coup and seizing voting machines and software.

“How will the United States be defended? Local officials are often those most complicit in the corruption of the election. Judges, because of the doctrine of separation of powers, are often reluctant to tell states how to run their elections. The U.S. Congress has no role unless the Electoral College fails to deliver a winner.

“Trump’s destiny is to fill the breach. He has taken an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, and he has the presidential powers to do so.

“Trump should use those powers as president to safeguard the future of our republic and arrest those who have conspired to deprive people of their rights through election fraud. The Insurrection Act enables Trump to use the military to seize the key electoral evidence in contested states and deliver a transparent, accurate accounting of the vote.

“Our system is in crisis. Trump would act to restore the rule of law.”

I took you on this little trip down memory lane because yesterday’s MAGA® protests riots in Washington might just be the final piece to the puzzle launching the Trump dictatorship.

As I briefly mentioned above, the Insurrection Act is a law that gives the president authority to deploy active duty military to maintain or restore peace in times of crisis. Might yesterday’s riots (insurrection?) by the Trump cult serve as the excuse needed to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution?

Many will dismiss this question as the rantings of a tinfoil hat-wearing, never-Trumper, but with Trump’s egomaniacal narcissism and his never-ending assault on the Constitution, it’s fair to wonder if he might heed the call of the QAnon loyalists and do the unthinkable by making his dictatorship official.

This is a particularly fair question when we remember that Trump openly entertained the idea of suspending the Constitution and cancelling the 2020 election a few short months ago; an idea that enjoyed the support of a majority of Republicans in the summer of 2017.

In what should have been a routine event to ensure the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the other, more than 140 Republicans hatched a plan yesterday to try and overturn the election. Meanwhile, Trump himself rallied the cult and incited them to storm the Capitol in an attempted coup.

These are the actions of an autocracy or in this case, a Trump dictatorship. It’s what the non-drinkers of the orange Kool-Aid have been warning about from the very beginning.

This the face of Trumpism. This is the consequence of Trump’s lies and conspiracies. It’s what you get when partisanship is put above principle. This is, literally, the post-constitutional Republican Party, rebranded in the image of a Trump dictatorship.

Unfortunately, Trump’s word is gospel to the cult and the army of Trumpists who dominate the GOP. That means this isn’t over, and won’t be over for a long, long time.


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