Yes, Trump really is a threat to the Constitution

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As a conservative who’s able to cut through the political noise well enough to see that Trumpism is being sold as conservatism, I’m never surprised by the responses I receive from the cult when I point out how unfit the egomaniacal narcissist from New York is to be president.

For example, yesterday’s article about Trump’s plan to go to court to void the First Amendment prompted many of the same unimaginative and lame comments that have become the norm from members of the cult, such as these gems from my Facebook page:

  • “Trump is protecting the first amendment [sic]. Whoever wrote this headline is crazy.”
  • “Liberal trolls are everywhere and you are just one of many. True conservatives aren’t fooled.”
  • “I wonder if this age [sic] is actually from someone on the left.”
  • “Didn’t Obama say the Constitution is outdated?”
  • “More fake junk from the left.”
  • “The media IS the enemy of the American people, you morons!”

Also included was a generous sprinkling of the letters “BS”, along with a heaping cup of profanities I’m unable to share but have deleted from my page.

By the way, have you ever noticed how “leftist” the Trump cult becomes when they are attacking you as a leftist for not supporting the leftist in the White House?

Another comment I received came in the form of a question, “When has Trump ever attacked the constitution?” Stop laughing. They really asked me this.

I’m guessing (hoping?) this person was asking this rhetorically because I have documented a long list of attacks on the Constitution by the New York liberal. Since 2016, freedom of speech has been only one of Trump’s many attacks on the Constitution.

These are just a few examples; you can find many more on the website.

Unfortunately, Trump’s hatred for the Constitution continues. Yesterday, he went on a rant about how he was forced to cancel his plans to host the 2020 G7 at his golf club in Florida, blaming Article 1 Section 9 of the Constitution (Emoluments Clause) for ruining his big payday. Trump called the constitutional restriction that prevents him from using the presidency for personal financial gain “phony.”

I’ll never cease to be amazed that there are people in America who continue to defend one of the most dangerous threats we’ve ever had to our constitutional rights . . . calling themselves conservative as they do so.


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