Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell want Trump to steal election via martial law

Trump Flynn Powell martial law

What do you do when you’re trying to help Donald Trump steal an election and your QAnon conspiracy theory has failed to get it done? If you’re Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell, you tell Trump to “temporarily suspend the Constitution,” put the country under martial law, and “set up military tribunals” to investigate the election using the Insurrection Act.

And then for good measure, you also call on Trump to suspend the Georgia Senate runoff race and the January inauguration until the theft is completed.

Once thought inconceivable in America, the presidency of Donald Trump has created an army of sycophants so dedicated to Dear Leader that we are now living in a country where such a coup is possible.

On Tuesday, Michael Flynn shared a press release from the We the People Convention calling on Donald Trump to implement martial law in order to conduct a new election; an action he justified by drawing a parallel to the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

“Then, as now, a President with courage and determination was needed to preserve the Union.

“Today, the current threat to our United States by the international and domestic socialist/communist left is much more serious than anything Lincoln or our nation has faced in its history – including the civil war.”

The statement mentions Antifa, Black Lives Matter, “socialists,” the “corrupt media,” and Big Tech, and blames them for taking part in the “attempted stealing” of the election; culminating with a call for “a limited form of martial law” before the country is destroyed by corruption and a new civil war.

When the legislators, courts and/or Congress fail to do their duty under the 12th Amendment, you must be ready Mr. President to immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law, and temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections, for the sole purpose of having the military oversee a national re-vote….You must also act, like Lincoln did, to silence the destructive media’s one-sided propaganda designed and proven to influence the election outcome, and end the unlawful censorship of Big Tech, to restore the confidence of the American People in our electoral process or we cannot continue as a nation. Failure to do so could result in massive violence and destruction on a level not seen since the Civil War. Limited Martial Law is clearly a better option than Civil War!

Shortly before Flynn sent his tweet calling for martial law, fellow QAnon nut-job Sidney “Release the Kraken” Powell retweeted a call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act (a law that gives the president authority to deploy active-duty military to maintain or restore peace in times of crisis), suspend the Electoral College vote, and set up military tribunals to launch an investigation into the election.


Donald Trump Sidney Powell military coup

For those tempted to dismiss this obvious threat to what little remains of our constitutional republic, let me remind you of the QAnon connection that exists between Trump, Flynn, and Powell.

Before she shot to prominence with allegations that Trump’s political enemies were working to steal the election from him as part of a vast conspiracy where Democrats used an elaborate computer system financed by communist countries to hide the fact that Trump beat Biden “by a landslide,” Powell’s previous work was that of lawyer for Michael Flynn. Flynn, as you may recall, was Trump’s first national security advisor and was investigated as part of the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia inquiry.

Flynn is one of the heroes of the QAnon movement, and he uses QAnon slogans and hashtags as an apparent signal of allegiance. Likewise, Sidney Powell is a public supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory. She also shares QAnon slogans on social media, and she is one of the first high-profile Trump supporters to back the movement.

Powell leveraged what she learned as Flynn’s attorney to earn a spot on Trump’s legal team (before he threw her under the bus), and she seized it to stir suspicion of the election as a first step to invalidating the results in key states where Republicans control the legislature, and then having those states appoint pro-Trump delegates to the Electoral College.

Donald Trump recently granted Michael Flynn a “Full Pardon” even though the former national security adviser pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia — loyalty to the godfather has its perks — so cheerleading of “Don” Trump comes as no surprise. It is sad, however, to witness the fall of the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Once considered one of the sharpest minds inside the intelligence community, Flynn has devolved into a full-blown QAnon whack job.

And as I wrote yesterday, Sidney Powell’s promise to “release the Kraken” — a reference to her alleged mountain of evidence concerning alleged voter fraud — against Trump’s political enemies turned out to be another failed QAnon conspiracy theory, so calling on Trump to shred the Constitution is the next logical step.

There was a time in recent history — 2014 to be exact — when conspiracy theorist and founder of InfoWars.com Alex Jones featured a story about how Obama might suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and cancel the 2016 election.

Many dismissed the tinfoil hat-wearing Jones, but Obama’s reputation as an egomaniacal narcissist possessing little regard for the Constitution caused many to consider the possibility that this unlikely event could actually happen. It never did, but with his egomaniacal narcissism and a never-ending assault on the Constitution equal to, if not exceeding, Obama’s, it’s fair to wonder if Trump might heed the call of the QAnon loyalists and do the unthinkable what his predecessor didn’t.

This is a particularly fair question when we remember that Trump openly entertained the idea of suspending the Constitution and cancelling the 2020 election a few short months ago; an idea that enjoyed the support of a majority of Republicans in the summer of 2017.

Unfortunately, if Trump should decide to do as Flynn and Powell suggests concerning the use of martial law and suspending the Constitution to steal the election, he will most likely enjoy the full support of his goose-stepping army of cultish followers.


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