Abortion without limits moved two steps closer to reality last week

abortion without limits

In unrelated actions but with the same end goal, Joe Biden and the World Medical Association moved abortion without limits two steps closer to reality last week.

It was only a few months ago that Planned Parenthood released its annual report where we learned that the Republican Party’s failure to defund them resulted in an increase in the number of abortions performed, as well as an increase in taxpayer-funding of the slaughter. The report showed an increase of nearly 3% in the number of abortions performed, helping Planned Parenthood set a new baby-killing record in 2019-2020.

However, this record apparently falls short of the pro-abortion crowd’s objective of abortion without limits: the murder of unborn babies available anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

We begin with Joe Biden, his $6 trillion budget proposal released last week, and the Hyde Amendment (a legislative provision *allegedly barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortions through Medicaid, the military, and other tax-supported programs).

*By the way, I use the word “allegedly” because as the Planned Parenthood report I mentioned above shows, taxpayer money still finances abortion thanks to the use of some creative bookkeeping using the fungibility factor.

Even though Uncle Joe, who professes to be a Catholic, has been a supporter of the Hyde Amendment since it was enacted in 1976 during his first term as US senator from Delaware — and included in every federal spending bill since then — omits any mention of the Hyde Amendment in his budget.

Biden’s change in heart flip-flop comes as no surprise; he openly condemned the Hyde Amendment during the Democrat presidential primaries after catching some flack from his opponents (via New York Post):

The former vice president denounced the measure in a speech before a gala … for the Democratic National Committee in Georgia.

“If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s zip code,” he said in his remarks.

Biden has said he supported the Hyde Amendment for years as a senator because he believed that blocking Medicaid and other federal funds from abortion payments does not infringe on a woman’s constitutional rights.

Biden, a Roman Catholic who personally opposes abortion, pointed to recent anti-abortion laws passed in states like Georgia to explain his position reversal.

“I can’t justify leaving millions of women without the access to care they need, and the ability to exercise their constitutionally protected right,” he said.

Any doubts as to the goal behind Biden’s omission of the Hyde Amendment was removed by the advocacy group All* Above All — an organization that describes itself as “a catalyst for abortion justice” with the vision of “a world where abortion care is affordable, available, and supported for everyone who needs it.” The pro-abortion group celebrated the news in a tweet: ”We did it! We introduced the budget without Hyde restrictions. #BeBoldEndHyde.”

The Hyde Amendment is little more than “pro-life incrementalism,” but it remains popular with Pro-Life, Inc. because it gives the illusion of doing something to save unborn babies. But in the end, it creates political passivity concerning life that eases guilty consciences but does little-to-nothing to end the abortion holocaust.

Another step in the direction of abortion without limits comes to us from the World Medical Association, an organization that wants to eliminate doctors who have a conscientious objection to abortion and other medical services for religious or moral reasons (via National Review):

With the effective destruction of the Hippocratic Oath, doctors who wish to follow the Oath’s maxims of not participating in abortion or assisted suicide are in danger of being kicked out of the lifeboat by the World Medical Association.

Specifically, the WMA has a draft proposal to amend the organization’s ethical rules to require that physicians with a conscientious objection to an intervention refer patients to other physicians without the moral reticence.

If adopted, it would mean that physicians would have the ethical duty to be complicit in actions to which they are opposed for religious or moral reasons, including abortion, euthanasia (where legal) — i.e., homicide, assisted suicide (where legal), blocking puberty of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, transition surgeries , infant circumcision, etc.

This would not only violate the human rights of physicians by forcing them to do things they believe immoral or harmful to the patient, but require them in abortion/euthanasia/assisted-suicide cases to be complicit in the taking of innocent human life.

It would also drive physicians with traditional Hippocratic values out of medicine and inhibit talented young people — who would make splendid doctors — from attending medical school out of fear they would be forced to violate their consciences as the price of licensure. But then, that may be much of the point. (emphasis mine)

A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a Mississippi abortion case in what many are calling the biggest threat to Roe v. Wade in decades. Shortly after receiving this news, Joe Biden expressed a commitment to seeing Roe v. Wade become federal law regardless of what the Supreme Court decides in the case.

“The president is committed to codifying Roe, regardless of the … outcome of this case,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at the time.

More babies were murdered last year at taxpayer expense than in any other year in our nation’s history, and now that Democrats are in control of the agenda, abortion without limits will be a top priority. This means that despite the politically motivated rhetoric we hear from pro-abortion and pro-life groups, the right to murder unborn babies without limits remains alive and well.

Sadly, that’s more than we can say for the millions of babies slaughtered in the womb and denied their right to life since Roe was decided in 1973.


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