Women’s Health Protection Act will codify Roe v. Wade

Women's Health Protection Act

In a move sure to bring a smile to the faces of Joe Biden and the pro-abortion radical-left, the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that will codify Roe v. Wade and make abortion without limits a federal law, has been introduced in Congress.

Ten days ago I wrote a piece about how Joe Biden and the World Medical Association moved America two steps closer to making abortion without limits the law of the land. In that piece, I mentioned how Biden was committed to codifying abortion without limits after the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a Mississippi abortion case that many consider the biggest threat to Roe v. Wade in decades.

Shortly after receiving this news of the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case, Joe Biden declared his commitment to seeing Roe v. Wade become federal law regardless of what the Court decides in the case.

“The president is committed to codifying Roe, regardless of the … outcome of this case,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at the time.

Unfortunately, Biden isn’t alone in his desire to see abortion without limits become the law of the land.

The Women’s Health Protection Act will overturn hundreds of state abortion restrictions and guarantee the right to murder an unborn baby “without limitations.” The pro-abortion/anti-life bill was introduced earlier this week by a coalition of Democrats in Congress in order to defend Roe v. Wade (via Newsweek):

More than 80 percent of Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate are backing legislation that would block states from adopting strict abortion regulations—an effort abortion rights advocates say is needed before the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court takes its next action on state-level abortion laws.

“Our rights shouldn’t depend on what state we live in at the time,” U.S. Representatives Judy Chu, a California Democrat, told reporters in a briefing on what’s been dubbed the Women’s Health Protection Act. “Today the fight to protect abortion rights for all Americans is more critical than ever.”

The proposal … aims to ultimately outlaw several restrictions that have been put on abortion access, largely across the South and the Midwest. It comes as the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a Mississippi law that would ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy—a case that’s seen as a possible effort to upend the historic Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

“It could not only chip away but potentially overrule Roe v. Wade—at the very least do profound damage to it,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, told reporters Tuesday. “It’s needed now more than ever before.” (emphasis mine)

The Women’s Health Protection Act states that its purpose is to “permit health care providers to provide abortion services without limitations or requirements.” The bill’s legislative findings note that nearly 500 abortion restrictions have passed on the local and state level since 2011.

In the “two steps” article I mentioned above, I referred to the annual report released by Planned Parenthood earlier this year that showed how the Republican Party’s failure to defund the baby butchers resulted in an increase in the number of abortions performed, as well as an increase in taxpayer-funding of the slaughter. The report showed an increase of nearly 3% in the number of abortions performed, which helped Planned Parenthood set a new baby-killing record in 2019-2020.

Since Planned Parenthood *allegedly operates under some of the restrictions pointed out in the Women’s Health Protection Act, news of their record-breaking performance fails to help the pro-abortion crowd reach their objective of abortion without limits: the murder of unborn babies available anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

*I use the word “allegedly” because as the Planned Parenthood report shows, taxpayer money still finances abortion thanks to the use of some creative bookkeeping using the fungibility factor.

The Women’s Health Protection Act also states that abortion laws and regulations will be considered illegal if they “do not significantly advance reproductive health or the safety of abortion services.” In order for a law to be considered legal, it cannot “make abortion services more difficult to access.” The bill also specifies that abortion laws and regulations cannot “single out” abortion services with restrictions “that are more burdensome than those restrictions imposed on medically comparable procedures.”

More babies were murdered last year at taxpayer expense than in any other year in our nation’s history, and now that Democrats are in control of the agenda, the Women’s Health Protection Act and other bills seeking to codify Roe v. Wade and abortion without limits will be a top priority. Just ask All* Above All, an organization that describes itself as “a catalyst for abortion justice” with the vision of “a world where abortion care is affordable, available, and supported for everyone who needs it.”

The Women’s Health Protection Act will likely become an issue for the Trumpist Republican Party to hang its hat on ahead of next year’s midterms, which means they will likely add abortion to their agenda . . . just as they have many times before.

Republicans love abortion as an election issue, and they’ve become experts at pretending to defend life for political advantage. We witnessed examples of this in the Republican Party’s 2016 platform (it was called the most pro-life ever) and in the meaningless pro-life show votes over the years, such as the one we witnessed in 2018 with the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act.”

None of the Republican pro-life promises became law, and even if they had, it wouldn’t have prevented a single abortion . . which is exactly the way Republicans want it. They don’t really want abortion outlawed because there’s too much money in it. But by adopting the incrementalism approach used by Pro-Life, Inc., Republicans can tickle the ears of donors and voters until the next election when they’ll do it all over again.

Despite the politically motivated rhetoric we’re likely to hear from pro-abortion and pro-life groups about the Women’s Health Protection Act, the right to murder unborn babies without limits remains alive and well — which is more than we can say for the millions of babies slaughtered in the womb and denied their right to life since Roe was decided in 1973.


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