Planned Parenthood president says real women can’t be pro-life

Abortion - Pro-life women

In a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Roberts, essentially stated that it’s impossible to be a woman and be pro-life. An ironic position to take when you consider that abortion makes it impossible for an unborn female to be a woman at all.

As a way of trying to prove her point, Richards compared women who vote for Ted Cruz to chickens:

“A woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Another unfortunate choice of words when you consider that Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts just as Kentucky Fried Chicken sells chicken parts.

Of course, an endorsement from Planned Parenthood for the email-challenged Democrat comes as no surprise. It was just a few weeks ago that Hillary admitted that, even though the unborn entity was a PERSON (her word), he/she was not entitled to protection under the Constitution; even going as far as to say that Roe v. Wade was “enshrined” in the document.

In case you were wondering to find the right to murder the unborn in the Constitution, you’ll find it in the Twenty-eighth Amendment (before you go looking it up, there isn’t a twenty-eighth amendment).

Actually, I’m a bit surprised that Richards didn’t take the time to hold a rally for Donald Trump as well. After all, it was about the time that Hillary made her “enshrinement” claim that the billionaire progressive from New York tried to cop-out on the abortion issue, saying that abortion laws were set right now and “I think we need to leave it that way.” In addition, she has expressed her gratitude to The Donald for the nice things he has to say about Planned Parenthood’s “good work.”

In the end, this type of bullying is typical of the liberal-left.

Oppose letting men dressed as women use the same bathroom as your ten-year-old daughter? You’re transphobic. Support religious freedom for Christian business owners or oppose same-sex marriage? You’re homophobic. Support the right to life for the unborn? You hate women.

I’m still not sure why Richards hates chicken however.


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