Rand Paul bill will stop Obama from taking grandma’s guns

Granny with a gunAmerica’s seniors are perhaps some of the most vulnerable to suffer under Obama’s nanny state socialist policies. From denying them healthcare to denying them their constitutional rights, nothing is off-limits.

It was last July that I wrote a piece about a plan by the so-called constitutional scholar to deny seniors their Second Amendment rights if they were deemed to be mentally unstable — a reasonable consideration until you read the fine print to discover that the use of a fiduciary (third-party) to help grandma with her checkbook qualifies as a mental illness.

As I said at the time, if being able to manage finances is a necessity in order to be a gun owner, then Obama and nearly every member of Congress would be disqualified.

What this really boils down to, as evidenced in a piece I did a few days ago about Operation Choke Point, is that this is just another example of the great lengths Obama is willing to go in order to fundamentally transform America into a gun-free, socio-Marxist utopia.

The good news is that there are still Conservatives fighting Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have proposed the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act to stop Choke Point while Senator Rand Paul has introduced the Protecting Gun Rights and Due Process Act to stop Obama’s attempt to deny seniors their Second Amendment rights. Under this legislation, the Social Security Administration will be prevented from reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system without proper adjudication proving mental incompetence.

Obama, just like every dictator in history, has always had a goal of disarming the citizenry. And unless we take a stand to defend our right to bear arms, he could succeed in moving America in that direction.

Contact your Senator and demand their support of these two vital bills.


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