Trump releases his inner liberal following NY primary win

Donald Trump - NopeA few days ago, Donald Trump took nearly every delegate in the New York primary. No surprise really, considering that the Empire state is the bluest of blue states, and Donald Trump–despite his claims to the contrary–is a liberal.

Obviously the left-wing media was ecstatic; and they took extra measures to give the man who has already garnered approximately $2 billion dollars of free advertising from them a few million dollars more to solidify his blue state credentials.

In a town hall interview on NBC’s Today Show, Trump went the full Monty on a punch list of issues important to Conservatives, much to the glee of the audience:

  • Abortion – Earlier this month I wrote a piece on the vacillating positions Trumpster has taken on the right to murder the unborn, and he continued playing both sides of the issue as he confirmed his support for changing the GOP’s pro-life platform.
  • Transgendered use of bathrooms – Trump believes that anyone should be able to use any bathroom “they feel is appropriate,” even calling out North Carolina for their attempt to address the issue. An interesting position for a man who has been complaining about the people’s voice has been silenced in the delegate wars with Ted Cruz. Isn’t his position a call to silence North Carolina voters?
  • Raising taxes – After stating how wrong it is that some of his rich friends make a lot of money, he renewed his call for significant tax increases in order to level the playing field. Redistribution of wealth anyone?

Trump also had an interesting response to a question about some of his inflammatory comments on women and immigration, and how it has affected his polling numbers with these groups — he currently ranks 70% or worse unfavorable in these categories while maintaining the worst overall unfavorable rating in presidential primary history. According to the flip-flopping Republican, his rhetoric is all in fun:

“I’ve said it as an entertainer, doing ‘The Apprentice.’ You know how successful, I just saw they wanted to renew me for two years. And I didn’t do it because of this. But a lot of that was entertainment. There’s nobody that respects women more than I do. There’s nobody that will take care of women’s health issues better than I will. Hillary cannot do it. Believe me. She doesn’t have the strength, the energy.”

History tells us that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Looks like Trump might be the same kind of “entertainer.”


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