GOP proposes forming DHS Pre-Crime unit to seize guns . . . Really!

Minority Report real lifeOn Friday I shared with you how the Republican leadership and the House of Representatives were preparing to cave to the no-fly/no-buy Democrats by allowing a vote on several anti-gun proposals designed to deny the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. And while this is simply the latest demonstration of weak the leadership we’ve come to expect from Paul Ryan, a bill presented by another invertebrate of the GOP on Friday provides further proof of their cave-a-tude.

Following the Orlando massacre, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, capitalized on the gun-control hysteria by declaring that the denial of Second Amendment rights of Americans would now be a matter of homeland security:

“We have to face the fact that gun control has to be a part of homeland security. We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get guns in this country.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket; disarm law-abiding Americans in order to disarm terrorists. By the way, the Orlando shooter obtained his weapons legally, and he worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

As far as putting gun control under the perusal of DHS, the Republican leadership apparently agrees with Johnson. On the same day that Ryan announced his no-fly/no-buy cave with the Democrats, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy presented a bill that gives Johnson what he asked for (HR-5611).

Now get this: the intent of the bill is “to prevent terrorists from launching attacks and obtaining passports, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES” (emphasis mine). They threw that “for other purposes” part in there to leave the door wide open as to how the law can be applied, and that’s where the threat to our constitutional rights comes in.

Representative Justin Amash (R-MI), a man targeted by K-Street Republicans during the 2014 election as they tried to weed conservatives from the party, has identified the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th amendments as being in jeopardy if this bill passes.

He also points out how the bill could have been lifted from the script of the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.

The Pre-crime unit will be known as the Office for Partnerships to Prevent Terrorism; a division of Homeland Security.

As I said Friday to my readers and listeners, Congress, the courts, and the president are doing all they can to make post-constitutional America a reality.


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