Why this year you must REFUSE to celebrate “the 4th of July”


The “4th of July” is not a holiday. Any more than the “5th of July” is. They are dates on the calendar. The holiday we celebrate which falls on the 4th day of every July is America’s “Independence Day.” “Independence Day” is the holiday, yet over the years we’ve become conditioned to drop the name and instead refer to the date.

Is it small? Is it subtle? Yes on both counts. But is it petty? Absolutely not.

We live in a nation wherein our leadership just changed the Oath of Allegiance (legal) immigrants to our nation must take so as to exclude the former requirement to pledge to defend America. We live in a nation where our leader, the President of the United States of America, while standing on foreign soil, apologizes for our nation’s behavior and calls America “arrogant.”

Where our countrymen plea for assistance to our leaders to come save their lives but instead are left to fend for themselves and perish.

We are currently being led by individuals for whom our sense of national pride is foolishness and the acknowledgement of American exceptionalism is viewed as a delusion of imperialistic grandeur. “How dare we think we’re better than anybody else?!”

Well you know what? We are.

America-hating globalists, many of whom call America home, would love to see certain memories fade, certain attitudes dumbed down and certain practices ceased. Practices such as the celebration of America’s Independence and subsequent rise to become the greatest superpower in the history of planet earth. They’re prefer to see America descend, not continue to ascend and by just about any objective observation, for the past seven and a half years we have been descending.

They would love to see us forever say and celebrate “the 4th of July” with as little or no reference to exactly what we’re celebrating on that date as possible. They’d like to see the words and memories scrubbed from history books, not taught in schools, dropped from the public conscience. And in these efforts they are in many ways succeeding.

WE must be the ones who turn it around.

I’d like to challenge you patriots this year (and every year hereafter) to begin referring to this holiday by its correct name; “Independence Day.”

Many men and women, better than you or me, sacrificed their all to gain this nation’s independence from the crown. Let’s honor their memory and the glorious gift of liberty they’ve bestowed upon us, a gift that’s still giving some 240 years later, by referring to this holiday by its proper name: America’s Independence Day!

After all, we don’t say “Merry 25th of December.”

Reprinted with permission from AlenBlWest.com.


Derrick Wilburn

Derrick Wilburn is the Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and BlackandConservative.com

He is a sought after speaker/presenter, a renown author and columnist, contributing columns and editorials to multiple national blogs and publications including: the Colorado Springs Gazette, Politico, American Thinker, Allen B. West, Strident Conservative and the Tea Party News Network.

His online videos may be viewed on the Black&Conservative YouTube channel and he frequently delivers the Tea Party National Weekly Address.