Paul Ryan caves to “no-fly/no-buy” Democrats

Paul Ryan - Nope

I know this might sound a bit crude, but the Orlando massacre by an Islamic extremist, who purchased his guns legally, has become the perfect fundraising tool for the anti-Constitution Progressives, as we witnessed during last week’s no-fly/no-buy 60s-styled sit-in last week on the floor of the House of Representatives by a group of Democrats. And, as we have seen by Republicans Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, it isn’t just the Progressives with a “D” after their names joining in the movement.

For example, it was starting to look like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was going to actually lead the House of Representatives by putting a stop to these efforts . . . even calling out the Democrats who participated in the sit-in for pulling the obvious fundraising stunt. But alas, we don’t refer to Paul Ryan as John Boehner 2.0 for nothing. In a conference call yesterday with his fellow Republicans, he announced that he will cave to Democrat demands and hold a no-fly/no-buy vote next week.

In a lame attempt at trying to look like he actually cares about our constitutional rights, Ryan promised to protect the due process guarantees contained in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Considering a few of his past promises, such as: his promise not to become Speaker, his promise to repeal Obamacare, his promise to cut taxes and his promise to reduce spending (just to name a few), I don’t find all that much comfort in any promise he makes to protect our constitutional rights.

Not to mention that there are members of Congress who have already gone on the record stating that they want to suspend due process rights if it helps facilitate their plans to take our guns.

The threat this legislation poses to liberty cannot be underestimated. Due process is designed to put the onus on the government to prove the guilt of the accused instead of having the accused prove their innocence. It has already been documented that the no-fly list is error-prone, and it has taken many years and lots of money for some who have been incorrectly listed to have their name removed.

What we are likely to end up with is something along the lines of the compromise bill–words that should never be spoken when it comes to our constitutional rights–proposed by Senator Susan Collins (R-INO ME) where a process will be created for those who feel they shouldn’t be on the list to clear their name, leaving it up to the accused to prove their innocence. Meanwhile, the government will have full power to slap any name on the list they feel belongs without a warrant.

By the way, this relatively new approach of tying terrorism and gun-control together is by design. Senator–and likely new Senate Majority Leader–Chuck Schumer (D-NY) confirmed that this was done to win the support of GOP Hawks, and many of them are falling for it. An ironic concept when you think about it. With terrorists openly targeting Americans, and with the Obama administration’s indifference to racial Islam, we need more guns . . . not less.

If the no-fly/no-buy law being sought by these anti-constitutional Progressives had been on the books, Orlando still would have happened . . . San Bernadino still would have happened . . . Fort Hood still would have happened . . . well, you get the idea.

In the end: Congress, the courts and the president are making a post-constitutional America a reality.


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