Paul Ryan budget not as bad as originally thought… it’s worse!

Paul Ryan - what election

Apparently, Paul Ryan’s behind-closed-doors meetings with Nancy Pelosi regarding the budget deal have paid off. Not only do we have the type of legislation loved by the California Democrat—a bill so big that you have to pass it to find out what’s in it—but it comes with all the bells and whistles Pelosi, Reid and Obama could have ever hoped for:

  • It fully funds Obama’s refugee resettlement program, allowing hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists—I mean women and children—to enter the U.S. without being properly vetted.
  • It fully funds Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.
  • It fully funds Planned Parenthood’s baby butcher operations.
  • It gives a big kickback to the unions that Democrats and Ryan are in bed with by eliminating the so-called Cadillac tax on healthcare benefits. Meanwhile, no such relief is available for the rest of America stuck with Obamacare.
  • It resurrects parts of the Gang of Eight immigration plan by quadrupling the number of H-2B visas—intended to recruit “non-skilled” labor for seasonal jobs—to nearly 250,000. Because, as we all know, there aren’t any Americans who need a job in this awesome economy.
  • It provides funds that could be used by Obama to fund his Green Climate Fund; a scheme where Obama can take money from Americans and redistribute it to poor countries to assist them in their fight against make-believe global warming.

And that’s just the parts we’ve been able to uncover so far. In a bill of over 2000 pages, there will be much more to come as we find out what’s in it. In the meantime, the Three Stooges of the Democrat party couldn’t be happier:

  • The White House issued a statement, saying that the Ryan omnibus meets Obama’s priorities without including “hundreds of needless ideological riders.” And by ideological riders, he means the bill lacks measures designed to shut down Obama’s radical agenda.
  • Harry Reid, while complaining about aspects of the budget bill that would hit his union buddies hard, he expressed his support for Ryan’s efforts to restore “normal order.”
  • And while Pelosi engages in faux outrage on the bill, all you need to remember is that she helped create this mess in her meetings with Ryan.

In the end, Ryan has proven to be the same lying, cheating, inside-the-beltway, John Boehner 2.0 establishment RINO that Conservatives such as myself warned about when the GOP power brokers hand-picked him as the new Speaker, and conservative groups like the Freedom Caucus—my congressman, Ken Buck is a member—sold their souls to the inside-the-beltway devil to confirm him.

This budget isn’t as bad as originally thought… it’s worse! And it takes us one more step down the road to Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.


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