President Trump, Majority Leader Schumer and the Second Amendment

Gun - Constitution - FlagOne of the concerns Conservatives have with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, besides the likelihood that it will result in another Clinton occupying the White House, is the damage we’ll see with the down ticket candidates running for Congress and various state legislatures due to Trump’s record-setting negatives.

The GOP is defending twenty-four  seats in the Senate, and the Democrats would only need to flip four of them if they win the White House in order to seize control from Mitch McConnell. And while flipping the House of Representatives would be more of an uphill fight, Democrats stand to gain seats there as well.

With Trump now running to the left of Hillary, he is proving himself to be the liberal we always knew him to be. And with a congressional shift in power, it’s a virtual certainty that issues considered important to Constitutional Conservatives will be swept under the rug.

One such issue could be the Second Amendment. Yes, Trump supporters, I know. The Donald claims to be a supporter of gun rights — at least that’s his position right now. Although it should be remembered that he has a track record that leaves that position in serious doubt.

But what happens when President Trump–I still throw up a little bit in my mouth when I say that–is presented with the long list of new gun laws sure to come from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer? Schumer is a New York liberal–hey, just like Trump–with a long track record of anti-Second Amendment behavior, and he continues that tradition even today.

In the face of increased pressure from the anti-gun Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Schumer introduced a bill on Monday to nationalize universal background checks. Besides the fact that such checks do nothing to stop gun violence–as Colorado, California and even Paris, France proves conclusively–a national system such as this would lay an excellent foundation to a national gun registry.

How would President Trump handle such a bill? Maybe he shoots it down, or maybe he makes one of his famous “deals.” After all, Trump has donated to Schumer and other Democrats, and Chucky thinks that Donald could be the solution to gridlock in Congress. Who knows?

It’s highly likely that Trump will be working under these conditions if he becomes president. And that means, more likely than not, that his so-called conservatism will fade while his inner liberal rises to the top.

One more thing for those who say that we need Trump to save the Supreme Court: any judicial nominees will be dead on arrival under these conditions.


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