Biden and DHS label free speech an act of terrorism

Biden DHS free speech terrorism

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a new terrorism threat advisory this past Friday that was little more than the latest attempt by the Biden administration to silence the dissenting voices of people exercising their God-given, constitutionally protected right to free speech to protest government.

Calling the “terrorists” on the list pushers of “anti-government rhetoric” — including “opposition to COVID measures” — DHS admitted the advisory wasn’t based on any actual terrorism threats or plots but decided to issue it ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the “upcoming holidays” as a kind of heads up.

Does this mean celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas is a display of “domestic extremism” too? Asking for a friend.

This redefinition of what constitutes terrorism in the Orwellian States of America has been official policy ever since Joe Biden took the oath of office.

In his first address to a Joint Session of Congress back in April, Biden blamed the rise of terrorism in the United States on white Americans instead of radical Islam and black militia groups. Specifically, he labeled “white supremacists” as the “most lethal terrorist threat” to the country after a brief mention of Al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups.

“Make no mistake – the terrorist threat has evolved beyond Afghanistan since 2001 and we will remain vigilant against threats to the United States, wherever they come from. Al Qaeda and ISIS are in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and other places in Africa and the Middle East and beyond.

“And, we won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism. (emphasis mine)

Biden was referencing a March report provided by the intelligence community under his orders — a report that concluded that “white supremacists” and “militia groups” had become the greatest domestic terror threat:

“Today’s domestic terrorists espouse a range of violent ideological motivations, including racial or ethnic bigotry and hatred as well as anti-government or anti-authority sentiment.

“They also take on a variety of forms, from lone actors and small groups of informally aligned individuals, to networks exhorting and targeting violence toward specific communities, to violent self-proclaimed ‘militias’ who, despite legal prohibitions in all fifty states against certain private militia activity, assert a baseless right to take the law into their own hands.” (emphasis mine)

Then, as now, Biden lumped people who believe in small government and limiting its power with real racists and real terrorists; most likely something he learned from the man he used to work for — Barack Hussein Obama.

So, just what did the DHS base its list of domestic terrorism threats on? (via YAHOO News)

It cited increased use of “online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity.”

The new advisory updated a January alert following the attack on the US Congress by supporters of then-president Donald Trump, when DHS said the country faced “increasingly complex and volatile” threats from anti-government and racially motivated extremists, often stirred up by online influence from abroad.

The bulletin had already been amended in May, with DHS warning violent extremists could exploit the easing of Covid-19 restrictions to conduct attacks.

Extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of Covid-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks,” the DHS advisory said, adding that “pandemic-related stressors… may contribute to more violence this year.”

The advisory, which expires on November 11, also noted that in the lead-up to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Yemeni branch of Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), had put out an English-language version of its propaganda “Inspire” magazine for the first time in over four years.

This “demonstrates that foreign terrorist organizations continue efforts to inspire US-based individuals susceptible to violent extremist influences,” DHS said. (emphasis mine)

I don’t want you to miss this: DHS is lumping users of online forums (paging the Josh Hawley 2024 presidential campaign), people who disagree with COVID restrictions, and Al-Qaeda into one, big, all-encompassing category. This means that in the eyes of Joe Biden and the rest of the tyrants in Washington, exercising your free speech right to protest masks and vaccine mandates and/or using social media to do so means you’re no different than the terrorism we witnessed on 9/11.

Clearly, this puts liberty-loving Americans in a precarious situation, but more precarious is how targeting people exercising the right to free speech confirms last year’s revelations about how the government abused Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act to spy on our phones and computers during the Trump administration.

And it moves us closer to becoming a full-blown police state.

Joe Biden unveiled his national strategy to counter the rise in so-called domestic terrorism two months ago after calling for a comprehensive review on national security shortly after taking office in January; which led to the new policy.

“Domestic terrorism — driven by hate, bigotry and other forms of extremism — is a stain on the soul of America,” Biden said in a statement at the time. “It goes against everything our country strives for, and it poses a direct challenge to our national security, democracy and unity.”

Biden’s National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism adds thousands of prosecutors and other law enforcement officials to the government payroll, including key personnel additions in the Department of Justice and DHS.

Biden’s plan calls for Big Brother-styled monitoring of federal employees deemed an “inside threat” by the government, but federal employees won’t be the only ones he’ll be spying on. One of the main focuses of his plan is to improve the sharing of information across federal agencies to track domestic terrorism.

One of the ways sharing of information will take place under Biden’s plan will be an increased focus on “open source” information, which the administration says will be achieved by “augmenting information sharing the government does with tech companies” — a partnership already in existence thanks to Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act (mentioned above) — meaning more government tracking of your computer and hand-held devices.

By the way, for those who plan to send me nasty messages or threats, I’m not discounting domestic terrorism. I’m simply pointing out how the anti-terrorism agenda promoted by Joe Biden and his DHS is clearly biased against people who are guilty of nothing more than disagreeing with government tyranny and exercising their free speech right to say so.

Blaming terrorism on white Americans while ignoring radical Islam was big business during the Obama presidency. Obama once decided that paying ISIS not to take hostages was a better policy than fighting them. And in the latter part of his second term, his pro-Muslim/anti-American sympathies made being “anti-Muslim” a justifiable reason to deny someone their constitutional rights.

Blaming terrorism on Americans began with Obama and continued under Trump. Biden and his DHS are simply taking the next step: silencing dissent by labeling free speech an act of terrorism.


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