Former Obama official equates ‘anti-mask’ and ‘anti-vax’ to terrorists

Arne Duncan Obama anti-mask anti-vax terrorists

The former Secretary of Education under Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, took his support of coronavirus tyranny to a new low when he drew a parallel between “anti-mask” and “anti-vax” people and terrorists, using the suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 18 marines last week to make his point.

In a tweet that he has since taken down, Duncan said:

Apparently, the same folks who had a conniption fit when Republican Jewish-space-laser kook and Trumpist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene used a Nazi comparison in opposition to vaccine mandates have no problem comparing “anti-mask and anti-vax” people to terrorists like the ISIS suicide bombers responsible for the attack in Kabul.

Duncan’s comparisons between the two isn’t all that surprising considering he worked for Obama, the man who frequently drew comparisons between Christians and ISIS. And with Biden’s FUBAR withdrawal from Afghanistan, the administration needs all the cover it can get . . . but I digress.

Not to sound like Joe Biden, but let me be clear. I’m not attacking Democrats in the same way the desperate Republican Party does, nor am I defending looney toons like Marjorie Taylor Greene. I bring this story to you to point out the lengths many are willing to go to guilt anti-mask, anti-vax people into submitting to government tyranny.

Only yesterday, I shared how coronavirus Christians were engaging in this type of behavior by labeling Christians opposed to mask and vaccine mandates as people who are immoral and not pro-life. And I’ve also written about Biden’s use of manipulation and abuse of executive power to force children to wear masks in school and his plans to implement vaccine mandates before doling out a few crumbs of liberty from tyranny’s table.

Duncan made his foolish anti-mask, anti-vax comment shortly before the bodies of the 13 U.S. service members killed by terrorists in last week’s suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan were received by the president and first lady at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday, and only one day after he encouraged people to “treat each other with compassion” (via Breitbart News):

While the families of troops lost continue to mourn and Americans remain trapped behind enemy lines, Duncan chose to equate terrorists who killed innocent men, women, and children in a bloody blaze of destruction, to people who reject government overreach and who — in a free country — have made personal health decisions not to get the Chinese coronavirus jab or wear face mask. Notably, more American service members were killed in the attack than who died in Afghanistan in the last 18 months.

Duncan’s comparison comes as President Joe Biden pledges more strikes against ISIS-K, and as people continue to gather at the Kabul airport in the hopes of escaping the Taliban in Afghanistan by Biden’s withdrawal deadline of August 31.

Several people rebutted Duncan’s tweet and called Duncan “vile” for equating everyday Americans with Islamic extremists who slaughter indiscriminately.

Duncan is not the first leftist to equate everyday Americans he disagrees with to violent terrorists. Far-left documentary filmmaker Michael Moore compared Christian conservatives to the Taliban in an August interview with Variety. Senior pundits at MSNBC equated Christians to the Taliban twice in one week as well. Actress Rosanna Arquette said the GOP is also comprised of “terrorists” who “support destroying democracy.”

Biden and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have adopted a similar view to that of Arnie Duncan. Two weeks ago they issued a terrorism threat advisory where people they referred to as pushers of “anti-government rhetoric” — including people who were standing in “opposition to COVID measures” —  were labeled “domestic terrorists.”

The terrorism threat advisory lumps users of online forums exercising their free speech rights, people who disagree with COVID restrictions, and Al-Qaeda into one all-encompassing category. In the eyes of Joe Biden and the rest of the coronavirus tyrants in Washington, exercising your free speech right to protest masks and vaccine mandates and/or using social media to do so means you’re no different than the terrorists who crashed planes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on 9/11.

For the record, I don’t discount the reality of domestic terrorism. I’m simply pointing out how Joe Biden and his Department of Homeland Security are clearly biased against people who are guilty of nothing more than disagreeing with coronavirus tyranny and exercising their free speech right to say so.

Despite the claims made by coronavirus Christians, I’m pro-life, and that doesn’t change simply because I object to mask and vaccine mandates.

And despite the claims made by the Obama 3.0 administration (Trump was Obama 2.0), objecting to coronavirus tyranny — or to use their words, to be “anti-mask” and “anti-vax” — doesn’t put me on par with ISIS or suicide-bombing terrorists bent on murdering innocent people in the name of Allah.

Their comparisons are insanely idiotic, and they remind me of this scene from the movie Billy Madison . . . May God have mercy on their souls:


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