Vaccine passport microchip implants: Not a conspiracy theory anymore

COVID vaccine passport microchip implant New World Order

COVID vaccine passport microchip implants: Not a conspiracy theory anymore

Once considered little more than a conspiracy theory repeated by anti-vaxxers and people of faith who believe what the Bible says about the “end times,” microchip technology invented by Swedish startup company “Epicenter” is being presented as a way for people to carry their COVID vaccine passport as an implant under their skin.

“Beep boop beep: Your vaccination record has been verified,” says the caption of the video posted to Twitter by South China Morning Post (via FOX Balitmore):

The video explains the microchip uses pre-existing technology the startup company was already developing to employ “near-field communication” (NFC) and send data to any compatible device. Smartphones are listed as an example of a possible data receiver.

Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things,” says Epicenter’s Chief Disruption Officer Hannes Sjöblad in the video. “Right now, it is very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant.”

A microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, can be embedded under a person’s skin, either under the arm or between the pointer finger and thumb, according to Sjöblad during his appearance on a Tech2025 Webinar. After the chip is implanted, data such as a vaccine passport can be stored on it using NFC-compatible devices. (emphasis mine)

I’ve documented some of the liberty-killing “different things” Sjöblad might have been referring to concerning microchip implants, including the creation of a digital currency, a cashless society, and a social credit system (ala Communist China) capable of tracking and controlling every aspect of our lives, including:

  • Medical history
  • Social media posts and internet search history
  • Bank accounts and credit cards
  • Residence, employment, and criminal history
  • Relationships and religious activities
  • Political activity

This information is fed to a central database to create a “social credit score” to be used to reward or punish citizens. Those with a high score are able to participate freely in society while those with a low score are prohibited from traveling, borrowing money, keeping a job, or even getting their children into school.

Even before COVID, the anti-liberty idea of using microchip implants to make it easier for government to control the citizenry was being developed.

For example, in December 2016 the GOP-controlled Congress passed Kevin and Avonte’s Law behind closed doors, giving the Department of Justice the authority to develop an electronic tracking system to keep tabs on children and the elderly with “mental illnesses” 24/7 using microchip technology.

There were many concerns at the time about how vague language in the bill could eventually lead to government monitoring of everyone, which prevented it from becoming law in 2016. However, in March 2018, the Republican-controlled Congress passed it again and Trump signed it into law under cover of the Omnibus Spending Act of 2018.

Though it failed to pass, another liberty-killing bill — Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 — was introduced by then-Representative Bob Goodlatte in January of that year. The 400-page monstrosity required a biometric National ID card be issued to every man, woman, and child in America. Had it become law, the card would contain a chip holding biometric data such as fingerprints and retina scans, and would have been required to hold a job, open a bank account, or get on a plane.

Many ignorant and/or indifferent Christians have not only submitted to COVID tyranny, but they have also written off vaccine passport microchip implants as a conspiracy theory that has nothing to do with creating a New World Order even though leveraging the so-called pandemic to create a NWO is the expressed goal of the World Economic Forum via a plan they have named The Great Reset.

Last week, Franklin Graham — he assured Christians earlier this year that Jesus “would have made reference to [COVID vaccines] and used them” — posted a statement on his Facebook account assuring his followers that the implants being developed in Sweden have nothing to do with the “mark” described in the Bible and therefore, should not be feared:

“If a scannable chip under the skin can contain vaccine information, adding other personal information and financial data could be a short step away. This may sound frightening; but people who have put their faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, don’t need to be afraid. We should not live in fear.”

Apparently, Graham not only believes that Christians should submit to whatever number of vaccinations our government overlords determine are necessary to be “fully vaccinated,” but they should also surrender their liberty and submit to COVID vaccine passport microchip implants.

Technology and business leaders are predicting that up to half of Americans will be “chipped” by the year 2025, despite pushback from a dwindling number of lawmakers, advocacy groups, and the public. “I wouldn’t be surprised if, within 10 years, 50% of Americans have some type of implant, because at the end of the day an implant can reduce the size of your wallet or whatever you carry in your purse by about 30 or 40 percent,” said Transhumanist political party candidate for American president Zoltan Istvan.

When it comes to the full implementation of COVID vaccine passports — including passport mandates — and the inevitable fake passport black market, microchip implants make what once sounded like a conspiracy theory or something out of a science fiction novel much closer to becoming a reality.

Nazi Germany used health passes to control the daily lives of Jews and non-Aryans, and COVID vaccine passports are designed to give our government the same kind of control over people today, so you can only imagine the level of control Big Brother would have if they began issuing them in the form of microchip injections.

Government tyrants may want you to believe that vaccine passports will only be used to track COVID compliance, but digital currency and a social credit system could easily be added to the mix since they use the same platform.

The technology behind COVID vaccine passport microchip implants has been in the works for years, and if we continue on our current trajectory, the far-left’s dream of a totalitarian police state may finally be realized.


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