As two-party establishment crumbles, a new party is rising from the rubble

As the 2018 election season gets underway, the dysfunction of the binary political system, owned and operated by the Democrats and the Republicans continues to point to the need of a new political movement. Although it’s too little, too late, even leaders within the two parties are realizing that their time may be coming to an end.

Democrats, after suffering record losses over the past eight years, have made every left-wing cause under the sun—from abortion to advancing the “born this way” lie promulgated by the LGBT movement—the litmus test of being a true Democrat. Meanwhile, Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for the elimination of such ideologically driven methods.

On the Republican side, having reaped the harvest of Democrat ineptitude in the form of total GOP control in Washington, the spineless leadership of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have netted little to no benefit. Campaign promises, such as repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, and tax reform have been tossed on the ash-heap of broken promises history. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is admitting that GOP lies will hurt the party in 2018.

Faced with this harsh reality, I have joined the chorus of conservative voices calling for the creation of a bona fide third-party designed to blow up the two-party monopoly and return America to her constitutional roots.

While there are many who doubt such an effort, a recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows the idea is growing, as almost fifty percent of likely US voters favor a third political party—a five percentage point increase over last year. Specifically, forty-five percent of both Democrats and Republicans said that a third-party would be good for the country, while fifty-nine percent of Independents agreed.

Considering their failures, and faced with the growing popularity of a third party, the establishment is already hard at work recycling the lies that got them elected in the first place. The Democrats rehashed their old ideas with a new slogan that sounds like a Papa Johns Pizza commercial, “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.” And Republicans are hard at work spinning Donald Trump’s Progressive agenda as the new age of conservatism.

America simply can’t continue the insane practice of doing the same thing over and over every two years, electing Democrats and Republicans, and expecting different results each time. We need to make a serious effort to create a new party, such as the Federalist Party, that will take down the two-party machine and give us back our country.


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