FDA, Planned Parenthood and HIV-tainted blood

Homosexual and bisexual HIVThe homosexual movement has NEVER been about equality. From the very beginning, it’s always been about unconditional acceptance and an embrace of their sexually-deviant lifestyle. Refuse to fall in line and you will pay with your livelihood, and possibly your life. Don’t believe it?

The International Planned Parenthood Federation—Planned Parenthood Federation of America is an official affiliate—has released a booklet for HIV-positive youth entitled “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” which offers some questionably legal advice:

“Young people living with HIV have the right to decide if, when and how to disclose their HIV status. … Sharing your HIV status is called disclosure. Your decision about whether to disclose may change with different people and situations. You have the right to decide if, when, and how to disclose your HIV status.”

Even though it is a crime in 35 states to hide your HIV-positive status, Planned Parenthood considers being healthy (not sure how someone with HIV is considered healthy) happy and hot a basic “right” that shall not be infringed:

“Some countries have laws that say people living with HIV must tell their sexual partner(s) about their status before having sex, even if they use condoms or only engage in sexual activity with a low risk of giving HIV to someone else. These laws violate the rights of people living with HIV by forcing them to disclose or face the possibility of criminal charges.”

Now, I can hear some of you saying, “Hey, that’s their business and doesn’t affect me.” Well guess what, it will in the very near future if you are ever in need of a blood transfusion.

Last week, a measure pressed by Obama since May was made official when the nation’s three-decade-old ban on blood donations from homosexual and bisexual men was officially lifted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Instead of a lifetime ban, homosexual and bisexual men will only be banned for twelve months following a sexual encounter with another man.

Homosexual rights activists consider this a “step in the right direction,” but also stated that if falls short.

Like I said, unconditional acceptance or else!

David Stacy of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. homosexual rights group stated:

“It continues to stigmatize hay and bisexual men. It simply cannot be justified in light of current scientific research and updated blood screening technology.”

Well, actually it can.

Dr. Paul Church, a urologist and a 30-year veteran at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, is being threatened with termination for revealing these facts:

“Although it has declined over the past few decades, two-thirds of all new HIV/AIDS infections in the U.S. are the result of men having sex with men … and 50% of gay men will be infected with HIV by age 50.”

So, the next time someone on the left calls you a homophobe for taking a stand against homosexual extremism, remember that the consequences of their behavior could cost you more than you realize.


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