Trump’s Syria withdrawal will lead to the creation of ISIS 2.0

As I wrote last week, Trump’s recent arbitrary and capricious decision to unilaterally abandon our Kurdish allies in Syria to pave the way for a Turkish offensive against the freedom fighters who helped us reign in ISIS, was motivated by his business interests in Istanbul, Turkey, and had nothing to do with #EndEndlessWars.

Proof of the motivation behind Trump’s decision was confirmed again last week when he announced that he would be sending thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia, another country where Trump has business interests. And in a pathetic and lame attempt to hide his motives, Trump assured America that his Saudi Arabia decision was different because the Saudi’s will pay cash for our protection.

“We are sending troops and other things to the Middle East to help Saudi Arabia,” Trump told reporters. “Are you ready? Saudi Arabia, at my request, has agreed to pay us for everything we’re doing. That’s a first,” he added. “And we appreciate that.”

In other words, we can’t be the world’s police force, but for the right price, we can be gangsters for hire, protecting America’s Trump’s interests. Almost sounds like a Mafia Don, doesn’t he?

Even though Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria appears to have come out of the blue, it was nearly a year ago that he first declared ISIS defeated and promised that U.S. Troops would “immediately” return home — the same claim he is making now.

In retrospect, there are other circumstances surrounding last year’s and last week’s announcements that bear several striking similarities.

Last year, Trump’s term to that point had been littered with broken promises in areas like Obamacare repeal, defunding Planned Parenthood, reigning in government spending, and building a border wall bought and paid for by Mexico. Today, all those promises remain broker.

Last year, the economy was buckling under the weight of Trump’s trade war despite the fact that he inherited an economy that was on the mend. Today, the economy continues to struggle and is teetering on the brink of a full-blown recession.

Last year, Trump’s foreign policy was failing, our global reputation was growing worse, and he was powerless to deal with the Middle East aggression of Russia, Turkey, and others due to his numerous scandals involving Russia. Today, the only thing that has changed in these areas is the added scandal involving his attempted extorsion of Ukraine.

Trump’s claim that ISIS has been defeated provides another parallel. Last year, the facts on the ground showed that ISIS was not only alive and well but was positioned to grow stronger if U.S. troops left Syria. Today, the story is the same with House Republicans openly expressing their belief that Trump’s actions will create an “ISIS 2.0” — an outcome that former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis agrees is inevitable.

As an unqualified, self-interested politician running for re-election, Trump’s Helter Skelter foreign policy is standard operating procedure. Likewise, as unqualified self-interested politicians running for re-election, the GOP won’t do anything to stop him.

Trump and the GOP will, however, retaliate against Turkey with tariffs and sanctions. After all, what’s a few thousand dead Kurds … so long as we make a buck in the process?


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