Faux conservative media defends Godfather Trump extorting Ukraine

Yesterday, as the details of a phone conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were partially released to the public in a White House memo, the cult got right to work on damage control as the document confirmed Trump’s attempt to force Zelensky to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for financial aid.

I say “partially released” because the memo wasn’t a “transcript” of the conversation. Rather, it was a document created from notes taken by staffers, then filtered through the National Security Council and other White House staff (cough) Attorney General Bill Barr (cough) to remove everything they didn’t want in the official record.

The “Hell yeah he did it, and I’m glad he did” defense of Trump by the cult is unfortunate, but certainly comes as no surprise. They are, after all, the same people Trump declared would support him even if he stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot someone — a claim that would be grounds for seizing his firearms under the red flag laws he’s pushing . . . but I digress.

Equally unfortunate and unsurprising is the lightning speed members of the so-called conservative media displayed when they joined the cult to defend Trump’s Godfather-like extortion threat against Ukraine to withhold congressionally approved aid unless Zelensky agreed to Trump’s offer . . . an offer he can’t refuse.

As you would expect, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and nearly everyone at Trump Pravda (FOX News) did their part defending Trump’s indefensible behavior. And not to be left behind, the media company pro-Trump echo chamber created by Mark Levin and Glenn Beck (BlazeTV) as a source of “diverse” conservative thought joined their fellow faux conservatives as Godfather Trump’s muscle.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck interrupted an interview with a guest on his radio show to read the memo in its entirety. Apparently convinced of Trump’s innocence, Beck then rhetorically asked, “Impeachable offense?

In a Tuesday interview with Sean Hannity before the memo was released, Mark Levin defended Trump by accusing the media of trying to protect Joe Biden and ignoring a “massive Democrat scandal.” Apparently, the irony of protecting Donald Trump and ignoring a massive Republican scandal is missing on “The Great One.”

Another BlazeTV host defended Trump in a very unique manner. After declaring on Tuesday that he preferred Trump’s extortionist threat against Ukraine because #notDemocrat, Steve Deace defended Trump yesterday by saying the Godfather did nothing wrong because he was threatening NOT to spend taxpayer dollars for information instead of offering to pay for it.

Maybe Deace see this as evidence of Trump’s promise to rein in spending? I don’t know

Time will tell how this will end, but we don’t need to wait to know how the faux conservative media will respond. They have sold their souls to Trumpism, and they are destroying the conservative cause in the process.


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