Is the merger between CRTV and TheBlaze all it’s cracked up to be?

The big news in the conservasphere yesterday was the announcement of a merger between Mark Levin’s CRTV and Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze into a new media empire to be known as Blaze Media.

“Tens of millions of Americans have had it with the biased ideologically driven mainstream media outlets that sanctimoniously advance their own agendas under the guise of ‘news’ and ‘journalism,’” Mark Levin said when making the announcement. “I’m very excited about the merger of TheBlaze and CRTV. The timing is perfect.”

Glenn Beck was equally jazzed over the merger. “Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and more have a home at Blaze Media,” said Beck. “Our hosts will have differences, but we share a common belief in free expression, honest discourse, and a society founded on the principles of the Bill of Rights. I’m beyond thrilled about this merger.”

News of the merger excited other members of the media who fly the banner of conservatism, including: Brent Bozell, Chris Barron, Buck Sexton, and Ben Shapiro.

Personally, in the Age of Trump, I’m not sure how I feel about the merger . . . yet.

I wrote last week about how the so-called conservative media had abandoned its responsibility to hold Trump accountable to become, in essence, Ministers of Pro-Trump Propaganda. I also documented how Trump critics were being replaced on TV and radio by Trump cheerleaders such as we saw with the announcement that Sebastian Gorka was replacing Michael Medved on the Salem Radio Network.

Mark Levin is one of those cheerleaders as are many in the CRTV lineup; some of them worse than others. For example, Get Off My Lawn host Gavin McGinnis openly promotes the violent ideology of the alt-right and former Infowars wiz Dan Bongino spreads deep-state conspiracy theories — both motivated by their Trump sycophancy.

Glenn Beck, who has adopted the good Trump/bad Trump approach to the NY liberal, claims that Blaze Media won’t be another pro-Trump echo chamber where critics of the president are unwelcome. In fact, he said he hopes that it will embrace a diversity of voices.

“There’s no boss man here. Everybody does their own thing,” Beck stated. “Do you believe in the Constitution of the United States? Do you love America? Are you pro-America? Do you want to see it destroyed? No. Do you want to change the Constitution? No. You’re in!”

That sounds great, but I remember when FOX News used to say the same kind of thing before Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and other Trumpservatives took over the network.

I hope Beck is right because the conservative movement could really grow with a larger platform. History, however, is not on our side.



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