Conservative media no longer an enemy but an ally in Trump’s war on conservatism

From the very beginning of his ascent to the presidency, Trump has been at war with those who refuse to swear their undying and unconditional loyalty to his majesty.

Perhaps the greatest casualty in this war has been the news media where reporters and commentators who report or say something negative about the Narcissist-in-Chief are accused of spreading “Fake News” and subsequently blacklisted . . . or worse!

For those who have eyes to see, the evidence is clear; conservatism has been the greatest tragedy in this war. We need look no further than FOX News where personalities Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and others have clearly surrendered conservatism for Trumpservatism and helped turn the network into Trump TV.

We’ve also witnessed how people like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka bulldozed Andrew Breitbart’s online media business, built Trump Pravda from the rubble, and leveraged their creation into cushy jobs at the Trump White House.

Even though Bannon and Gorka were essentially fired and no longer work IN the White House, they’re still working FOR the White House since their departures, and they’re using the media to do so.

Bannon went back to work for Breitbart and hosted a radio show on Sirius XM, although he was relieved of those positions earlier this year. However, Gorka has been milking his moment in the orange sun for all it’s worth as a FOX News contributor, a frequent guest on Hannity’s TV show, and the host of a new nationally syndicated radio show with Salem Radio Network.

Gorka will replace long-time Salem radio host Michael Medved, a man who isn’t all that fond of the NY Liberal occupying the White House. Ironically, in a CNN story reported earlier this year we learned how Salem Media Group executives have been forcing its radio talent to be more pro-Trump and has been doing so since the 2016 campaign.

Trump’s Borg-like assimilation of the media has also resulted in casualties in small market radio as we witnessed over the weekend with my friend and fellow conservative, Shannon Joy.

Despite generating over $120,000 in annual advertising revenue for WYSL, the flagship station that carried her radio show across northern New York along with several other states and Canada, Shannon was informed via letter and without warning that the station was terminating the partnership, effective immediately.

While she was gracious in announcing the news, Shannon shared with me in an impromptu interview the real reason for this unexpected decision. In a phone call she had with station owner Bob Savage after receiving the letter, he informed Shannon that his decision was primarily motivated by her criticism of Donald Trump and the GOP and how they were governing like Democrats. #UNIBROW

Mr. Savage has released a statement on the WYSL website announcing that Julie Jordan DiPalma — he referred to her as a “political moderate” — would be Shannon’s replacement and that the reason he terminated her show was because she “allowed her contract to expire.”

Trump’s war on the media has succeeded in fundamentally transforming what it means to be a conservative by replacing our values with the so-called values of a life-long New York liberal.

The greater tragedy, however, is the formerly conservative media. Once the proud “enemy” of those who attacked conservative values, they have, instead, become willing allies in Trump’s war against those values.



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