The “T” in Trump doesn’t stand for transparency

During Donald Trump’s transition period between the November election and his inauguration, former Republican National Committee spokesman and the current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer praised Trump during a CNN interview for being transparent, despite Trump’s hiding from the media and continuing with his refusal to release his tax returns. In addition, Spicer defended Trump’s decision to allow his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, to be a part of the transition team, despite their extreme liberalism and the ethical conflicts their participation created.

“Conflicts of interests arise when you’re sneaky about it, when you’re sneaky about it. If you tell everyone here’s what’s going on, here’s the process, here’s the people who are playing a role, that’s being transparent.”

Spicer also stated how the government had developed a reputation of being “shady about (its) roles, hiding things, not releasing things” and how Trump’s level of transparency “has exceeded any modern president.”

Well, I can’t wait to hear what Spicer has to say following Trump’s decision not to release the White House visitor logs until he’s been out of office for at least five years.

In a piece at Conservative Review, we learn about Trump’s hypocrisy following this decision; he repeatedly chastised Obama for his lack of transparency during the 2012 election season:

By the way, Obama regularly published the White House visitor logs.

Of course, in a week where Trump endeavored to make capitulation a virtue—he flipped on four campaign promises in one day—his decision should come as no surprise. However, it should concern every American, even the drinkers of the orange Kool-Aid.

Trump has given unprecedented power to Jared and Ivanka concerning the administration’s policies. Besides Jared’s complete lack of qualifications, Ivanka has been holding secret meetings with liberal groups such as Planned Parenthood. How many more meetings of this type will take place now that The Donald has decided that he’s no longer concerned about being accountable to the American people?

By the way, Trump’s record-setting number of golf outings at Mar-a-Lago are creating another transparency issue for the New York Liberal—the so-called “Southern White House” doesn’t keep visitor logs. This is a clear national security risk, particularly when you consider Trump’s insistence of conducting business there.

Although, I guess it wouldn’t matter; he wouldn’t let us see the logs anyway.


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